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Cacaja Indian Restaurant

18 Binjiang Zhong Lu, Chengdu

Phone: (028) 86670399

Indian-style restaurant. Limited outdoor seating in a parking lot.

WINNER - "Best Asian Restaurant" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2011

RUNNER UP - "Best Asian Restaurant" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2010

RUNNER UP - "Best Asian Restaurant" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2009

  • hiro00
    February 11, 2014
    How can this place be in the running for best Asian restaurant year after year? The food is horrible.

    I see 4-5 stars for their kehua beilu branch. Is it much different?

    Sure, prices are super cheap, but cheap = good nowadays?
  • Donna
    July 30, 2012
    just wanna share somethings with this as an Indian.
    So, I think the people here said this is good either have paid by the restaurant or never tasted authentic Indian food.
    There are no better Indian food place in Chengdu.
    Shangrila's Indian dishes are okay. But you may not have many options.
    Tandoor has the best authentic Indian food but nobody can try with its 7star prices.
    So, forget about indian food in Chengdu and browse a recipe and try to make your own.
    But if you want to have some mixed rice and yoghurt in a cheaper price, go to Cacaja. In that sense at least Cacaja is there.
  • nagsucks
    July 30, 2012
    Just cheaper stuffs. Never say it Indian by any Indians.
    yes, but if you think for cheaper price anything is okay, then this is a great place
  • Miss Mixit
    July 30, 2012
    The soho cacaja is lovely, I'm never disappointed. Somethings could be improved but everything in China is geared towards satisfying the Chinese pallet not the ex-pats.
    The yoghurt....OMG Orgasmic.

    Deal of the day Wednesday...29 rmb for set meal....very filling and scrummy.

    Polite and smily waitresses that had a laugh with us. The Indian manager came out to ask us what we thought of the meal too which is always nice.
  • MattyB
    July 29, 2012
    This place has undergone a distinct menu makeover, and the food has improved as well... Feels like new management/chef has stepped in.

    Was 'fairly' good when I last visited about 6 months ago, and having returned there tonight I immediately noticed the new menus and dishes available.... (Decor hasn't changed, but for me it's a moot point, given some of the stinkhouse 'legendary' huo guo restaurants I've rolled into and eating mystery meat from a street side vendor, whilst sitting with my nose 2 feet from the gutter on a plastic stool...) As long as it's reasonably clean, I hit a restaurant for the taste of the food and the Tardis-like transportation to a culinary world far away from Western China.

    Flavour of everything was excellent, beef vindaloo; eggplant curry (which was great); giant bowl of hot and sour soup; kachumber salad; 2 bowls of rice; 1 naan bread, and a longneck beer, For 132RMB total - stuffed 2 people silly, and still had some left for da bao (isn't Indian food always better the next day?? : )

    Service was very quick, food appeared within minutes, and there was an English speaking waitress that stepped in very quickly when she could see me banging my head and trying to figure out how to say 'raita' in 中文!

    Very happy with the improvements in the food, and noticed they are doing home delivery now, which I'm going to take advantage of... 90RMB for lukewarm McDeath's, or the equivalent amount of money for a couple of good curries and rice... : )

    Definitely worth a visit to Binjiang Lu Cacaja if you haven't been there for a while!!
    November 19, 2011
    I went there a few days ago. The food was terrible. The pilau rice was lukewarm and tasted if it had been cooked in old recycled oil. The Rogan Josh was simply pathetic. The Kashmiri naan was a plain naan covered with pineapple and mayonaise. Each dish arrived lukewarm. The service was poor. Complaints were dismissed by the staff. Quite possibly the worst meal I have ever eaten. I have been there a few times before and it was better, (never great) but this time ...

    I don't know if they have changed chefs or if the owners don't care anymore. either way I will never go there again
  • Mimi_Roselle
    September 8, 2010
    Delicious food, and nice atmosphere. Had lots of dishes here and they have all been brilliant. Service is fine, nothing great. I can see this place becoming one of my regulars spots.
  • yinnn
    July 26, 2010
    Food is good, passable for indian cuisine. Though not spicy enough. The service may require some improvement, but maybe that was because the place was full on that night we went. Usually packed during the weekends. It's a very intimate dining place: dim lights, tiny area, tables packed. Reasonable prices and the shrimp pineapple curry dish is the best.
  • invisible
    May 30, 2010
    I would agree with the "caca" part, but don't know what the "ja" stands for, maybe some old Sanskrit for house making it the "House of Caca". Food is so so, the set menus for 2/3/4 persons aren't good value really, as the portions are tiny. Best dish palak paneer, the rest is not worth virtual space to mention. Drinks are cheap & terrace is ok if you like watching cars parking and passing by.
  • paulgo
    February 4, 2010
    Food was good, some dishes were better than others. I normally don't complain about service. but it definitely sucked and the food arrived at odd times. Some dishes seemed to be hanging around to the point where the heat was lost. Worth trying once, maybe.
  • hapatofu
    July 14, 2009
    Great service, well-managed, reasonable prices. This place is always packed. The only problem is the food is nothing to get excited about--very bland (even the dishes marked "spicy").
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