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Del Mar

10 Tongzilin Dong Lu, Chengdu

Phone: (028) 85158925

Mediterranean terrace restaurant with Italian, French and Spanish dishes and wines.

  • garrison
    January 27, 2014
    Good service and nice atmosphere. The food ranges from mediocre to very tasty, maybe not the most exciting western dishes but good enough. Prices are slightly high but still affordable. Ok place to spend a few hours.
  • alterego
    April 14, 2013
    I agree with others about the relaxed environment and will state emphatically that service was attentive and friendly each time i visited here (no exceptions). Food was also pretty decent - some of the pastas are tasty as are some of the appetizers.
    February 23, 2013
    Quiet and relaxed environment combined with decent western food and a good selection of drinks makes this a great place to spend some hours. Prices are ok and the service is usually pretty good. Well worth visiting.
  • Ricos
    July 26, 2012
    Great if you want to enjoy a few drinks and decent (not great) western food in relaxed environment. The prices are a bit high, but must portions are more than filling. Im mostly impressed by their drinks, not bad at all. Good selection of wine. Service is ok, never had any problems.
  • Marky
    August 21, 2011
    Quiet and relaxed environment.

    I ate there today and had the lunch special - Pasta dish (I choose the Carbonara) + tea/coffee for 28RMB. Food was tasty but could of been a bit hotter. Good value for money.

    There is an outdoor decked area - but they seem to be refurbishing it at the moment so you can only eat and drink inside.

    Free Wi-Fi.
  • tinaerichsen
    July 20, 2011
    you can always get a fantastic meal with even better service here. I will definately be going back! The food there was amazing and the whole team was welcoming. I highly recommend this place to anyone who adores mediterranean food! This restaurant is worth every penny.
  • emmayang
    July 20, 2011
    friends taken me there when i came back. i felt really good with the food and environment. the staff there are nice.
  • Timothy
    December 18, 2010
    I tried eating here once and was disappointed. It LOOKS like a Western restaurant and offers some Western-ish dishes (along with inflated Western prices). However, the waitress could not speak any English. More importantly, the items I ordered tasted bad or used really low-quality ingredients.

    Example #1: The peach shake does not contain real milk or real milk powder. Instead, they use hydrogenated (fake) milk powder - the unhealthy stuff that is used in boba tea / pearl milk tea.

    Example #2: The rice dish I tried (risotto) was not very good either.
  • gavinski
    March 27, 2010
    It gives me great pleasure to write this thumbs down review of Del Mar in revenge for the number of times I have come away swearing I would never return.  Why does this place get my heckles up? And why do I come back? OK, OK, one at a time. First, maybe it is the fact that every time I'm there they only seem to have one waiter. And that if you sit outside you almost always need to go inside to let them know that you have arrived, or to order anything else. The tables outside also don't have any condiments, or even napkins or toothpicks. Maybe it is the ridiculously small piece of butter served with the complimentary bread that gets my goat. Or the fact that said bread usually doesn't arrive for about 15 minutes. If it even arrives - today when I finally asked where the bread was, I was told they had none left. It might also be that the bread is not even tasty to begin with. Come to mention it, most of the food here isn't even that good either. Starters are tiny. Pasta is not cooked al dente. Risotto is OK. Most of the the other stuff is out of my usual price range. I don't mind paying for good food and good service, but given my experience with the cheaper items on the menu here, I'd rather go someplace else if I want to dine in style. The service is indeed reasonably friendly, but inept (no sugar brought with coffee, forgetting orders, bringing the wrong dish). And if you can't speak some Chinese you may have a hard time, as they speak very little English.

    So why do I come back? I love the location. Sometimes if I fancy eating alone with a nice book and want to sit outside in a quiet, relaxed environment in Tongzilin, but can't face the stodge of Pete's Tex Mex, it seems like the perfect idea...alas, it never fails to disappoint.
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