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D's Donuts & Coffee

88 Qingshiqiao Nan Jie, Chengdu


Donuts & coffee.

  • Isaac
    July 15, 2010
    Right across the street from Carrefour, this trendy-looking place (replete with encouraging slogans like "cake doughnut let you have happy feelings, natural quiet") has some pretty decent donuts. My main criticism of D's donuts is that they are too light and insubstantial. But then again, Krispy Kreme, which a lot of people seem to consider the paragon of good doughnuts, is also pretty insubstantial. One thing going for D's is the huge variety of flavors. In addition to some more predictable ones, they have green tea, black sesame, red bean, tiramisu, and a couple adventures into the "savory realm": the "Cajun," topped tomato, dried seaweed, and meat floss, and the "Queen," which offsets a sweet marmalade topping with...meat floss again. Anyway, doughnuts are about 5 kuai each (cheaper if you buy a lot), and the coffee isn't too bad...but for some reason they will put an ice cube in your black coffee if you don't stop them.
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