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EtonHouse International School

9 Chenglong Dadao, Chengdu

Phone: (028) 84777888
  • avabnotrac
    August 5, 2016
    EtonHouse International Preschool is, simply put, not a place you want to spend time in.

    As a parent, you will be promised the sun, moon and stars. You will be promised things about low teacher-child ratios, fantastic timetables, about the top-class education your child will receive. WHY? Because quite simply, Etonhouse is a PRIVATE International school whose sole purpose is profit and money. In fact, since they are now an IB school, they intend on increasing their already obnoxious fees for new incoming students, with none of this new profit being passed on to the underpaid local staff, despite promises made to do so.

    Management here are hugely inexperienced and insincere and are widely known to treat their staff hugely inappropriately. The turnover of staff is high, despite alternative claims made by management. In fact, this year alone sees a 50% turnover of International staff, following 100% turnover in the previous year due to 'lack of renewal of contracts'. Staff are treated poorly, and none more so than Chinese Division staff who are subject to a 'bonus' system, which only the 'favourite teachers' receive in full every month. In fact, contracts here are not worth the paper they are written on with regard to Chinese Law. Staff are disrespected and humiliated regularly, with 'Name and Shame' being one of the preferred methods of motivating staff. Respect for staff is paramount to motivation and morale. Authoritarian leadership on the other hand is most definitely not!

    I expect to see far higher turnover here unless an overhaul of Senior Management is undertaken soon. As a teacher looking to work in Chengdu, EtonHouse should be your last resort.
  • ynwa2001
    August 17, 2015
    Eton House is most definitely a school to stay away from. Absolutely atrocious place and kids will learn nothing and end up regressing rather than progressing, as happened with my daughter.
  • CoolMax
    July 27, 2015
    Last year, I visited Eton International House as I wanted to register my daughter in this school.

    I met Carol Hutchinson a 59-year old lady who is the principal of school. Carol talked well to me, and I have seen that the school looks okay. I have decided to pay for my daughter's tuition as I was promised by Carol that my daughter will receive the best education ever etc.

    After sometime I have realized:

    1. The school has high turnover, we had to communicate with a new classroom teacher every 2 months.

    2.Children can't use hot water in school during the winter time. There is no hot water installed in the whole school. And I was not aware of that when I registered my daughter during the summer time.

    3. My daughter was served a very low quality food, that lead to food poisoning, it was actually a group of children suffered from food poisoning after eating their meals in school, the school tried to hide this but it has been on the news check this link

    4. During the parents' meetings, many parents were reporting that their children had lots of accidents in classrooms, and this shows that the school has big issues with safety.

    If you care about your children's safety, then Eton International House is not the right place for them.

    I am not going to talk much about the educational that my daughter's received in Eton House international school in Chengdu, as it was very poor.

    I only paid high tuition and I was about to lose my daughter. The school looks professional but they are far way from it.
  • inchina
    July 25, 2015
    This is an interesting thread. I have some friends that own/operate a Montessori school in Xiamen, and they are trained Montessori teachers.
    We also teach our daughter with the Montessori philosophy and techniques.

    This place sounds like the typical "international" kindy in China.
    Who owns this place, do you guys know?

    Definitely a good thing that everyone is exposing this place for what it is, assuming this information is correct. Many "international" places here are just not, and a bit frustrating for me, especially when I assume a certain dentist or doctor's office is, but it ends up far from it, and no foreign doctor/dentist as they advertise.

  • swood01
    July 22, 2015
    The post made by anna15 is fake. From a current staff member, who recognizes the username and writing style of the post, I have been informed that this user is likely the principal at the school, Carol Hutchinson. Also, the negative references to Chinese people being dramatic, rumor mongering, and unprofessional, are very much the demeanor of Carol Hutchinson.

    The school, on the surface, may appear to be a normal functioning school. But in actuality, as one user put it, it is in fact being run in a Hitler-esque type of way. In a nutshell, most of the staff members hate Carol Hutchinson. If you were to befriend a staff member there, they will tell you that she is more concerned with maintaining power and not losing face than she is with providing support for the staff. As a result, there is not much unity or respect between Carol Hutchinson and the staff. You don't see these type of things when you visit the school and the administrative staff. You may not even see this if you are to visit a classroom teacher. It is only if you befriend a staff member will you begin to see the true inner-workings of the school. And this is absolutely very important when you decide where you want to send your child. If the current staff members are being lead in a Hitler-esque type fashion, then you will most definitely have unhappy teachers. Anyone can put a smile on their face and go to work. But an unhappy teacher, regardless of the qualifications, can only give so much quality under those conditions.

    As far as the quality of the education, truth be told, that will mostly depend on the quality of the teacher in your child's classroom. However, administrative support is a factor in the quality. Being a for-profit school, the administration is forced to take costs into consideration. And it costs money for resources. And the resources available are absolutely pathetic. So pathetic that the administration resorts to begging for resources from the parents. There is no real Western-based resource kit available to staff members (resource kits in Western countries come with manipulatives, books, etc). So resources must come out of the pocket of staff members, or in the case of Chengdu Etonhouse, the pocket of parents who already pay high tuition. In order to maintain a healthy profit margin, Etonhouse will rarely pay for resources.

    As far as the quality of the teachers there, that is going to be a toss-up. In a real international school and public/private schools abroad, every teacher including classroom teachers, art/music teachers, gym teachers, (excluding assistants and English teachers) is to have the proper teaching credentials from their home country. According to my source, that is also a requirement at Chengdu Etonhouse, but not strictly enforced. Some teachers there do not currently hold the proper teaching credentials from their home country. Some only hold a TEFL certificate, which is only suitable for teaching English. Anyone can get a TEFL certificate online, even non-native English speakers. Also some of the core positions are held by Chinese staff, which is done because the salary for Chinese teachers is a fraction of that of a credentialed foreign staff member. Basically an attempt to save money.

    The positive reviews here on this site, which I suspect to be written by administration, do give one valuable piece of advice. Go to the school and see for yourself. If you are considering sending your child there, which I highly advise against, I agree with the positive reviewers that you should go and see for yourself. Go to the school, have a little tour, look beyond the surface, ask the right questions, look for the right things. Any for-profit school can show you the multitude of events and planning that go into a typical day at school. But not any school can make the day effective, fulfilling, and joyful. That will largely depend on the ability of the staff who will be working with your child. So asking the right questions is essential if you decide to visit this school. Ask to see credentials and current validity dates of any teacher who will be working with your child. Ask about the resources, where it came from, who bought it. Don't fall for marketing ploys. Events, extra-curricular activities, games, songs, whatever it is they throw at you is all irrelevant if the quality of the teachers is inferior.

    With that being said, I will still offer my opinion and say that visiting the school is a waste of time. Look no further than the review posted by the user anna15 (which is suspected to be the principal Carol Hutchinson). For the sake of argument, let's say my source is wrong in their estimation, and the user is not in fact Carol Hutchinson. The user anna15 mentions she was a parent committee member and volunteer. The user then proceeds to say "Chinese are very good at drama and rumor mongering and gossip". Then the user says, referring to Chinese people, "They are very unprofessional people". This is the type of people at Chengdu Etonhouse who will be around your children. I've had the unpleasant experience of interacting with Carol Hutchinson. I was not impressed. She has been in China for several years now, and still does not speak a lick of Chinese. I guess she does not want to associate herself with such unprofessionalism. And the years in China have been unkind to her. Her profile picture on the website and her current state can show you a wealth of information.

    Read the review of the user Baloo. The user Baloo also mentions some animosity in the Wechat group about the issues of the school. There is no unity. The user Baloo also says "At the end of the day, they know that this is the best they can get". Meaning, there is no incentive for Chengdu Etonhouse to spend money to further the quality of the education. But actually, this is a problem throughout all of China. The demand far exceeds the supply. And when that's the case, the supply becomes inferior and there is no incentive to rectify that.

    There are other options in Chendgu. Yes, visit the school if you'd like. But my opinion is that you will be wasting your time.
  • Baloo
    June 12, 2015
    Parents who are thinking about Etonhouse and who are reading the comments by ynwa2001 and AbbyMarsden below, please don't let yourselves be fooled by people who want to settle scores for some reason. My two children have been attending this school for the past three years, and I can tell you what they say is nonsense. Our children are getting the best pre-school and early primary education that I can imagine, especially when needing an international school in Chengdu. They both love school, and their teachers are the best. When I compare what they do here, with what is being taught in an average school abroad, they are getting so much more here! Some remarks:

    - the comments left on a wechat group by parents have no relation to the quality of teaching and care at the school. There are some parents in that group who like use big words to complain to each other about little things. They actually never raise any of these issues with the school, nor do they actually withdraw their kids, they just want to complain in the group. At the end of the day, they know that this is the best they can get and that's why the Chinese division has a waitinglist.
    - there are not 'so many international schools' in Chengdu. In fact, there are only 3, and Etonhouse is the only one for this age group (from 18 months).
    - 20 kids in one class is a luxury, especially since there are two high-quality teachers and an average rate of 1 adult to 4 or 5 kids in each class. No kid will lack any attention. My children were in a class of 6 - 14 kids on average, with two to three teachers.
    - people who say the kids are colouring or watching videos all day have obviously never attended a school day there. That is just nonsense. The children every day are exposed to and are participating in a multitude of activities, including sports, music, art, mandarin, singing, acting, excursions, etc. Each child is allowed to grow and develop at their own pace, slower or quicker or whatever they need. The teachers are all trained to cater for this diversity in the classroom. The school is very willing to accomodate any special attention a child may need.
    - there is a Chinese division (which has some foreign pupils too) and an international division (with mostly foreigners but some chinese nationals too). They are an IB PYP school, to reach this status they went through a thorough process of accreditation.

    Best to go and have a look for yourself.
  • anna15
    June 4, 2015
    I am very shocked at these comments I had two children attending EtonHouse for 4 years and who just recently left due to my husband relocation to another country. I hold EtonHouse to be of the highest standard in education and environment and my children were very happy there. I am western and have high standards and was actually a parent committee member and volunteer.
    I have been informed by present parents that the school is thriving had excellent feedback from embassies and educational officials.
    I understand that the person who has made these comments is very negative due to the fact her husband was fired due to serious misconduct to children and very unprofessional after only a few weeks there. I fully support EtonHouse firing unprofessional staff and I have also been informed he has been blacklisted in the UK by employment agencies because of his serious mis -conduct.

    Chinese are very good at drama and rumor mongering and gossip and form what I have been informed his wife is Chinese .They are very unprofessional people I would advise anyone to visit the school before making assumptions and get clarification.
  • AbbyMarsden
    June 2, 2015
    I would have to second that ynwa2001. My son attended for 6 months just a year or so ago when we were based in Chengdu and my husband was working for an International company. The school is absolutely horrendous and the education my son had was poor to say the least. Teachers DO NOT focus on the children. They are left to colour, paint and the majority of my sons classes involved a computer playing music videos while they all stared at it. It is run in a Hitler-esque way and there is no freedom of expression for the children. Their learning styles are not catered to individually and instead they are dragged around the school holding the uniform of the child infront.
    I thought it might be the way education is in China but if this school is trying to be International then there is nothing International about the teaching. Maybe they use the word to denote they have about 10 children from other countries.
    There is nothing I could recommend about sending your child to the school and for that reason I must give it an abstain rating.
    Maybe things have changed in the last year but judging by the first comment then it appears not. Please dont make the same mistake as we did.
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