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Hemp House

Dongmen Daqiao, Oriental Times Plaza, 3rd Floor, Chengdu


Weekend concerts and DJ shows and friendly bar staff make this reggaethemed bar a favorite chill-out spot among locals and expats alike.

RUNNER UP - "Best Bar" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2007.

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  • nkm111
    May 11, 2014
    After 2 difficult days of our stay, we found this great place. Bob Marley ( obviously ) was the feature of the evening, and Ramone the band did full justice to it. The next band also did some great reggae in Chinese along with some good synthesiser giving it a psychedelic effect, but just right and not overdone. Great place to chill.

    " HIGHLY " recommended.
  • Fred365
    March 15, 2012
    Here you'll find the most "proper" beers in chengdu: a wheat one for 20rmb and a stout one for 25rmb, both on tap. There is also alcoholic cider on tap for 20rmb but it's a bit too sweet for me.

    The music playlist is always creative and interesting. Sometimes they let people get on the stage and play with the house kit, and that's fun to watch.

    I've been out here four or five times and will return!
  • richiericardo
    December 28, 2010
    Ditto to all the above...especially the bathroom.
  • Hammy
    December 28, 2010
    Every time I've been there its been empty.
  • Mimi_Roselle
    September 21, 2010
    Good music. Nice atmosphere with a mix of Chinese and foreigners. Cocktails were great and had plenty of spirit. Nice outdoor area too.
  • MajorMafan
    May 29, 2010
    this place could be really great, if they were more consistant, less sloppy, and they have to fix their sound system really and arrangement (which won't happen, because everytime they do change they do it wrong). Strong mix drinks.
  • paulgo
    February 4, 2010
    Pretty sweet deal. Good music, super nice bartenders. Definitely enjoy the atmosphere of bar, ain't nothing wrong with a little foosball.
  • Yang-Yang
    January 22, 2010
    great out-side area. music nice. ideal place for going there in summer time
  • The luckiest man
    January 21, 2010
    Hemp house- this place has really gotten big with the expansion. I'd really like to be able to get there in the summer to try out that patio. Reminds me of patios back home. Just needs a bathroom inside the building. 8/10

  • Funty
    August 16, 2009
    Definitely the best laid out alternative style bar in town with an excellent out side area and large open interior. At times the music is excellent too with live music. Recommended.
  • banishedimmortal
    October 22, 2008
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