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Little Bar (Old)
小酒馆 (玉林店)

55 Yulin Xi Lu, Chengdu

Phone: (028) 85568552

Renowned throughout the Chinese rock scene as one of the country's (and certainly Chengdu's) most established rock bars. The retired venue is worth visiting to peruse its extensive collection of Chinese rock albums.

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  • yinnn
    July 28, 2010
    Definitely the most mellow atmosphere in town. Not the best bar, but you do get to see drunk locals there all the time. The place starts to empty out pretty early (around 11:30 mostly). You can get a glass of cheap beer for 10 kuai. Cheap but nasty. Downside: They don't really have a large menu, and there aren't a lot of people.
  • Yang-Yang
    January 22, 2010
    like the bands there
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