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Mike's Pizza Kitchen

9 Tongzilin Nan Lu Ste. 10, Chengdu

Phone: (028) 85226453

Dinning, take out and delivery pizza.

Tuesday - Sunday 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. & 4 p.m. - 9 p.m
closed on Mondays

WINNER - "Best Pizza" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2012

RUNNER UP - "Best Newcomer" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2012

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  • TLC Education
    September 4, 2015
    I've been in Chengdu for four years, and sampled pretty much all the food this lovely city has to offer.

    In terms of pizza, this is hands down the best pizza I've ever had here. This is not Italian style pizza, so if that's what you're expecting there may be a couple of Italian restaurants that make that kind of pizzas. They use quality ingredients, and make their food with care to produce a quality product. You can see this from the bulk of the reviews. I do prefer the thin crust, Italian style pizzas, and I hate the Americanized Pizza Hut style rubbish but this is so far from that even I'm very satisfied.

    I think their prices are fair, considering the cost of getting high quality ingredients and maintaining a high standard of operation. It's certainly better than other competitors who charge almost as much but aren't even half as good.

    Mike and Aiqing run their business professionally, and always make their best efforts to provide the highest standards of service. They have a small restaurant in Tongzilin, which is usually busy, and an even busier delivery service. I've been ordering from them from before the time they opened their restaurant, and I can tell you their service and food quality hasn't fluctuated noticeably.

    If this sounds like a job reference so far, it's because
    A)I just wrote one for someone
    B)I'm vacillating between writing a short, to the point review and a long, tongue in cheek fable that may break the internet.

    I know those two, and some of their fantastic staff. They have always been nice to me, on a couple of occasions even letting me pay later when I forgot I didn't have enough cash on me.

    I see the reviews complaining about Mikes Rants, and I'd say to those people, in some circumstances I agree that it would be uncomfortable if you were sitting the restaurant while he had an outburst, but try to consider there may be a good reason, and also every restaurant kitchen has much, much worse. I am in the process of giving Michael some indirect counselling for anger management, hopefully in exchange for free pizza(@Mike). I've never witnessed him going off on one though, and I've been to the restaurant at least 50 times, so I don't think this happens as frequently as is suggested here. When you work flat out without a break for most of the day it can get hard to stay polite the whole time, and some people(usually customers) can be assholes. Anyone who's worked in any kind of service industry should know that customers often treat staff like crap, and sometimes deserve a bit of a slap. That rhymed, woo.

    Their sandwiches are great too, I probably order that at least twice a week. Big and filling, very good stuff.

    I don't have anything else to add to what's already been said here. Just give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

    Oh and Mike totally ripped off my style for his epic rant. I resentfully doff my cap.
  • GeorgeC
    June 24, 2015
    I thought I would let you know that the address in Chinese is written wrong, so the map is showing a different location.
    Here is the correct address......... 成都桐梓林南路9号
  • AwesomeMom
    June 15, 2015
    Amazing tasting pizza! My family and I can't stop eating it. A great taste of home!
  • macro
    November 11, 2014
    Delicious pizza. Great balance of flavors and ingredients. Hope that Mike and his team will keep up the good work. Definitely worth all its appreciations as the best pizza in Chengdu.
  • MrAlex
    September 11, 2014
    Mikes pizza is good. I like reading people saying its 'pricey'. LIke a pie anywhere else, from Europe to the North America isn't around $9.99 (American)/ 60+RMB for a crummy pie to $20/about 120 RMB for something decent. I guess compared to a noodle shop its expensive. It just makes me laugh. God, the ingredients were sanitary and quality, but damned if I didn't pay what I'd pay back home for it!

    Also, Eat the mad buffalo. Its good. Seriously. Good.

    Thanks Mike and Aiqing, you guys make great food.

    Oh and tip your servers. Seriously, its a western style restaurant.
  • the_fat_Corsican
    July 18, 2014
    About me: Before graduating from college and entering into the software industry I was a chef, trained in Paris/Corsica. I have attended/trained at some of the finest culinary schools in Europe, albeit part time. My family's restaurant in Calvi, Corsica, holds a Michelin star. I used to spend every summer there during the tourist season, and I know what it takes to meet the highest standards of food and service, so when it comes to judging food I think I'm fairly well qualified.

    About Mike's Pizza Kitchen: (the food) I went to Mike's today for a Pinnochio and it was better than any pizza I've had anywhere... ever... in my life. The generous amounts of Mariana sauce contained so much flavour, I dared waste any, I had to use the crust of my pizza to mop it up. The vegetables were fresh, the moz was great and the crust was a totally perfect balance between crisp and moist. Mike and Aiqing obviously have an excellent understanding of gastronomy and care a heck of a lot more about their product and their customers than any other dining establishment I've visted in this city so far

    Mike and Aiqing clearly take incredible care during the entire sourcing of ingredeients, preparation and cooking process. I have visited some of the best Pizzerias in Italy and France where they charge a lot more money and don't have the challenge of sourcing fresh ingredients (some of which must be very hard to find in China).

    The resulting pies are inferior to Mike and Aiqing's.

    (the service) Prompt, quick, friendly, unlike any other restaurant in Chengdu. I must say there are some reviews here by some rather cretinous individuals who clearly don't know, care or understand what good food/good service is all about. If you want to wait an hour for half cooked, dirty, microwaved frozen shite thrown on to your table by staff who couldn't give a shit and pay a lot more for it, do me a favour, stop hogging the few tables here and go somewhere else.
  • Willk
    June 17, 2014
    The best pizza in Chengdu in my opinion. A little pricey, but considering it's all fresh produce it makes for an excellent treat. The stuffed crust is on another planet, as is the Mad Buffalo. So, so good. The pizza sauce they use has a great flavour and the mozzarella is always delicious..these pies have saved countless hangovers for me. Service has always been good in my experience, my only gripe is that I wish they delivered further. For those complaining about 'verbal abuse' and 'drama', I have never been witness to any, but even so, Mike's is essentially an open kitchen - those of you who may have worked in kitchens will know that largely, they are breeding grounds for various levels of shouting and profanity. Who really cares. If you were going to a haute cuisine gourmet restaurant, then fair enough, but otherwise all of the faux-outrage can be spared. You're in a small family-owned place in China eating pizza. Damn good pizza. Although Mike, c'mon baby, give us a smile!
  • WoogiEnglish
    June 12, 2014
    Ah I just wrote a long review, only to find a small mistake, posted a correction, to learn that it overwrite my long beautiful review.

    So here we go again:

    Pizzas and sandwiches are good. Simple. Good. Nobody can complain about that.

    The service is good. I heard Mike use a raised voice to pass requests to the kitchen behind him, which is noise due to the fans and music, and that's it. No soap-opera events like you might have read below. Don't let this abstain you from visiting this small but quality place.

    The sandwich was big, fresh baked bread, filled with a LOT of ingredients that all tasted good and in place.

    The pizza is good as well, hot, fresh, good ingredients. Both the thin crust and the stuffed one. I prefer the stuffed one but that one can be pretty big so unless you are a big eater ; have a friend to join you.

    I like this honest place and won't ask for a fa piao ; I'll do that at places that have owners sitting in the back smoking while the staff is working their ass for a low pay. Mike is (still) making YOUR pizzas himself which is pretty nice considering how 'bosses' normally operate in China.

    The (import) belgian beer tastes good and is another reason for me to go there. They don't deliver to my place so I have to come in person and I sometimes found the place filled with people, having to resort to another restaurant to satisfy my culinary needs. So if you want to go there ; be on time. In the weekends better be there before 18:00 if you want to have a seat. With 2 people it's easier, with 4 it can be a hassle. You are warned ! If you're really smart you can call them and ask how many peeps are inside and then quickly jump in a taxi :)

    If you like Pizza in general and aren't a picky customer then Mike's place is highly recommended.

    If you like (China's) Pizza Hut's pizza then stay away ; Mike's pizzas will be out of your league.
  • thebehemoth
    May 25, 2014
    This is a review of one of Mike's now-famous rants. Took place late last year. You guys who havent seen it may be expecting a kinda tongue-in-cheek, Joe Pesci in Goodfellas kinda schtick. Sorry, you may be disappoined . It's pretty much this: a solid-looking guy going nuts. Not an ounce of humour. As someone mentioned in another review, the customers looked uncomfortable as f**k. Keep in mind, he's yelling at staff who can't really retaliate. Yeah, humorous it aint (kinda like Dane Cook). Reminded me of those old 80's comedies where the douche bag, bigger frat boy terrifies the little nerds. But that's "bad ass" right? The pizza? Can't really remember. Decent, i think.
  • LA Redneck
    May 24, 2014
    WOW! I knew Mike was an intelligent guy, but didn't know he was so eloquent! I'm thoroughly impressed! However, I have a serious complaint. No, it's not the tasty hot pizza, salads, sandwiches, staff, excellent delivery service, etc. No issues there, however, I just simply feel disenfranchised or totally left-out of all the "action" I've been reading about here.

    I've only been to Mike's store once and had a nice uneventful experience other than good food and service. I'm not a big pizza eater, but when I'm in the mood, I call Mike's for home delivery. It's always efficiently delivered on or before Aqing tells me. Herein lays my problem. I'm not catching any of Mike's shows that I've been reading about! Please help Mike!

    Perhaps you can create a video from CCTV/Security cam footage of all these alleged outbursts so the home delivery types like me could enjoy and be entertained by all the action from the comfort of my own home. You could even mix-in some of your past Elvis performances or Elvis music in the background. Call it "Mike Gone Wild", "Not Politically Correct Mike", "Mike in Your Face", or some other catchy title. Charge a nominal fee or even free or discounted for orders over 100RMB. You could even post on YouKu and it would go viral!

    I've been in China and Chengdu many years and one reason I stay here is the fact it has NOT deteriorated like the USA, Canada or some other Western countries where the politically correct types run rampant forcing their misguided ideology on the majority. Keep-up the good work Mike and please don't give a "fat rat's ass" about the few detractors out there!
  • toasty
    May 19, 2014
    This place is so overrated. It is average tasting American style pizza. I'm guessing all those saying it's the best in Chengdu are Americans who don't know what an actual pizza should taste like, or maybe i'm just a stupid European who doesn't know what "American style" pizza should taste like! Either way I was very disappointed.

    To be fair I have never been to the restaurant, but I have had it delivered twice. Once it was only slightly warm, the other time it was stone cold. Both times it took well over an hour. I don't even live that far away so i'm guessing the delivery guy made several other stops first. Also it's really not cheap.
  • SadeqAmeenAbed
    May 10, 2014
    hahaha some of you need to take a chill pill, Mike is one badass guy. he doesn't know me I'm sure but every time I call or dine in him or the staff are absolute pleasure to talk to, his pizza is hands down the best pizza in town and in a lot of other places either in china or elsewhere but again you can visit the place yourself and try his food.

    I have to give it to you Mike I read all those replies and they made me really happy that you didn't suck up to those idiots and apologised. stay happy and real and of course keep making delicious pizzas

  • andrewP
    May 9, 2014
    Great pizza! Especially love the Humpty Dumpty. We mainly get delivery, as we don't live super close. Aiqing is always very friendly when we call. And even when we moved never had trouble getting an order. Thanks much.
  • cgstrange
    May 8, 2014
    Seriously love this pizza! So much better than any option in town. I'm slightly outside of the delivery range but it's well worth the drive on my e-bike to pick it up. My family has become regular customers for sure!

    The dine-in experience is crowded, but that's certainly not their fault. I'd give pause to eating there in the summer because it gets hot in there with the ovens going...but, there is NEVER a hesitation for take out or delivery.

    The Mad Buffalo and Goldilocks are incredibly good especially with an order of garlic knots. Last time we ate in the restaurant (a couple Sunday's ago), we discovered the Monkey knots. Whoa! They're unbelievable!!! And, by the way, we ordered them after having eaten all of our other pizza which meant they stayed open past their scheduled closing time for about 30 extra minutes. I never heard a complaint and was served with a smile and without hesitation.

    This seriously is a great place and I've never had a bad experience.

  • Elite Fitness
    May 6, 2014
    I like it. A lot. Delicious pizza. Great drama. Epic owner reviews. My only recommendation is to cage in Mike's work area and let the customer's experience his gorillaesque ferociousness in a safer environment. By the way, defines ferociousness as savagely fierce, as 1: a wild beast, person, action, or aspect; violently cruel: a ferocious beating. 2. extreme or intense: a ferocious thirst. God bless you Mike; there is still hope for meat-heads. But seriously, Best Pizza in China!!!
  • Mike's Pizza
    May 5, 2014
    @Everyone: Hi guys. The townspeople are toting their torches and the peasants are polishing their pitchforks, so let's get ready for another instalment of Mike vs. The Internet. For those of you playing the home game, we're going down vertically from the top for the most part, so feel free to scroll up and down if you get lost.

    @Maomi: Let's go ahead and inject a little honesty into this conversation, shall we? A question about the receipt? Your friend, after eating a perfectly good meal, tried to get out of paying the bill. He demanded fapiao from my wife, and he was told that it's the end of the month and we were out, but if really needed the fapiao for any reason he could come back at the beginning of next month and collect. She was very kind, and even wrote a note on his receipt to that affect. Anyone who cares about fapiao is usually understanding of what a hassle they are to obtain and would be willing to come back in a day or two. My wife even offered to mail him the fapiao. However, your little friend never wanted fapiao in the first place, he was simply using it as a bargaining chip with which to blackmail and extort my wife into giving him a discount for a meal which he had already consumed. Haggling over the price of the meal after you have already eaten it is a low, pathetic, cheap, insulting and conniving thing to do, and I expressed that to your friend. (If any of our readers would like a full transcript of Mike Punishing the Pusillanimous Pricks, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to our company headquarters. An encore performance of this, and other tirades, will also be performed in Mike's one-man show: Mike vs. The Mob, Pitchforks and Profanity.) Our prices are clearly marked on the menu, and if he was going to have a problem paying then he is more than welcome to go eat noodles. I have to pay exorbitant rents for my little 40 square meters, and I would rather fill my limited space with people who appreciate my pizza, will pay their bill without a fight, and might even leave a tip, heaven forbid. Please keep that in mind.

    @Jeggfrey: I'm really glad you like the Mad Buffalo. The customer who worked on that pie with me was also from Buffalo, and it's been super popular. Keeping up with the demand has been tough. I'll get into the yelling part a little later, it's not really news anymore, everyone knows that Mike has a temper and a loud voice and a proclivity towards profanity. I understand that the space is small, but what I would ask people to keep in mind is that although the internet is currently making a really big deal out of it, it doesn't really happen that often and when it does it's either as a last resort or in an urgent situation.

    Just for fun, let's play a little game called math. When you say, "both times I've been there..." you're making it sound like I'm yelling and screaming 100% of the time. However, from my point of view, we are open to the public 42 hours a week. Let's say, for the sake of this exercise, that an outburst lasts a whole minute. (They never do, but it will make the math easier.) Let's also say that I average one outburst per week. (Again, some weeks will get a whole two outbursts, whereas others don't strain my vocal chords a single time.) With those numbers, there would really only be an outburst one out of every 2,520 minutes; which comes to .0004% of the time.
    Most of the time, things are actually pretty chill here. (And bragging that you've actually witnessed two whole outbursts is really just going to make other customers jealous.) Thank you for your reasonable and rational tone, and for your kind words.

    Just to be safe, I'm thinking of putting a sign on my door: Warning! You are about to enter a real life situation, where real live people will express real emotions.

    @Amy...pandalover: I guess what you witnessed the other night traumatized you so much that you just had to run home and create multiple new user accounts on multiple websites just to defame my character. Do you see yourself as some kind of knight in shining armor defending helpless victims from Mike the Dragon? But let's try to inject some honesty into this dialogue as well.

    First of all, thank you for your kind words about my pizza. I work very passionately to make sure that we produce a consistent, quality product and I'm very glad that you appreciated it.

    Now on to the less pleasant part. I guess we should start by, unlike you, being very honest and specific about exactly what words you heard that night before you unceremoniously galloped off on your moral high-horse.

    The exact words you heard were, "Tangkai, make me another (Expletive Deleted) white sauce, now!" (For those of you following along at home, the deleted expletive starts with the letter, "F.")

    The reason it's important to know what those exact words were, is because you are accusing me of verbal abuse.

    Let's play a game, shall we? I know that this is the internet, and you can say whatever you want under as many anonymous user accounts as you see fit to create on as many websites as your little heart desires. But let's pretend, for a moment, that you were making this accusation in a court of law in which I was innocent until proven guilty. I know, it's a lot less fun than the random hyperbole splattered at will my game there would actually be a burden of proof and it would rest on your ability to produce facts, not hearsay and exaggerated anecdotes.

    Since the crime you are accusing me of is verbal abuse, I guess we should take a moment to figure out what that is. I found 3 definitions that should help clarify things.

    1. Verbal abuse is the use of words to cause harm to the person being spoken to.
    2. Verbal abuse (also known as reviling) is described as a negative defining statement told to the victim or about the victim, or by withholding any response, thereby defining the target as non-existent.
    3. In the law these are usually referred to as "Fighting Words." They can include (but are not limited to) such things as: Racial insults - Religious insults - Ethnic insults - Slurs against family members (particularly against Mothers) - Sexual orientation insults - etc - etc) Just about any phrases that you might think of that could be used to intentionally goad the insulted party into a fight. However - they would have to be considered strong enough or heinous enough to actually draw that kind of honest reaction. Responding to day-to-day minor insults and "colorful language" would probably not be a defense.

    So my question to you, since the burden of proof should be on the accuser, is in what way did those exact words cause harm to Tangkai? In what way was requesting him to make another (Expletive Deleted) white sauce a negative defining statement about him? And it what way could my, albeit urgent, request to make another (Expletive Deleted) white sauce be construed as a threat against his person or words intentionally used to goad him into a fight?

    Yes, the volume of my voice was very loud. It has to be to carry above the noise of a full restaurant, our little music box that blasts my eclectic collection of tunes, and our ridiculously loud exhaust fan that keeps the smoke out of our lungs and our upstairs neighbours on our backs.

    Yes, there was a note of anger and frustration in my voice because Tangkai knows how to make amazing white sauce that is smooth, creamy, fragrant and that sauce that he makes from scratch when the customer orders it is one of the reasons why our Snow White pizza is so incredibly popular.

    Yes, you detected notes of exasperation in my voice, because Tangkai knows that if he burns the sauce he should just tell me and make a new one, but never just hope I don't notice and take the risk that the customer will receive an inferior product. He knows I would rather throw away ten bad pies than risk having an unsatisfied customer. Tangkai knows better. And, since I am a real human being in a real life situation, I certainly betrayed emotions of anger, frustration and exasperation.

    But I didn't insult him. I didn't call him names. I didn't make any negative defining statements about his character. I didn't try to cause him harm with my words.

    I did use my loud volume, and yes, my profanity, to convey a strong sense of urgency. As you know, my customers wait up to two hours for my pizza and when we promise to have it delivered within a certain time we do everything possible to make sure that those pies are not late, and in order for that to have happened on that particular night, he needed to drop anything else he was doing and focus on making a perfect white sauce this time around.

    So here's where it gets tricky, Amy. Or should I call you pandalover? Whether or not you were personally comfortable with my outburst, it does not, by any legal definition that I have been able to find, constitute the crime that you have accused me of. However, if your claim is false, then your claim does qualify as defamation. I'll go ahead and paste a definition here so you don't have to find it for yourself:

    Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, or traducement—is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation. Most jurisdictions allow legal action to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism.

    Under common law, to constitute defamation, a claim must generally be false and have been made to someone other than the person defamed.[1] Some common law jurisdictions also distinguish between spoken defamation, called slander, and defamation in other media such as printed words or images, called libel.[2]

    Again, the fact that you are personally uncomfortable with my use of profanity does not make it an act of verbal abuse. Just like to accuse someone of murder, you have to produce a body, if you are going to accuse me of verbally abusing my staff then you would have to prove that the words, "Tangkai, make me another (Expletive Deleted) white sauce, now!" caused my employee some kind of irreparable psychological damage, and it's just not true. If those words were innately harmful on their own, then every time my hockey coach screamed from the bench, "Webster, watch the (Expletive Deleted) body!" would have scarred my fragile psyche so much that I would never have become the stable and well-adjusted man that I am today.

    I will add, that if you are uncomfortable with profanity, there are several things you can do to make your life easier to bear.

    1. Don't watch anything produced by HBO. (You're really doing yourself a disservice here, because Game of Thrones is awesome...but I'm guessing you would find that George R.R. Martin's eloquent command of vulgar speech would leave you in tears.)
    2. Don't watch anything written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. That goes without saying, but again, you're really missing out on some very brilliant dialogue.
    3. I really should have to say this, but the whole genre of Hip-Hop and Rap is out for you. I personally couldn't survive without Tupac and Eminem.
    4. No professional sports either, coaches and players alike tend to season their speech with some very salty expressions.
    5. Don't do that internship on a pirate ship that you were considering. They don't all look like Johnny Depp, and they don't say, "Swears like a sailor." for no reason.
    6. Probably shouldn't watch Hell's Kitchen. I know that if you watch it on network TV they'll bleep the good parts, but if you're going to maintain you're coveted and impenetrable position of moral superiority, then you really shouldn't support that kind of behaviour even as entertainment.
    7. You're going to have to boycott all Apple products. The late, great Mr. Jobs was known to drop a few F-bombs on occasion.
    8. Stay out of my restaurant. I feel like this is the point on which we are most likely to agree. Our space is really to small to accommodate sanctimonious, self-righteous sycophants on their soap boxes and moral high-horses. It's just too much baggage for that tiny space, I'm sure you understand. FYI, even when I'm happy with Tangkai's white sauce, someone like you is still going to be offended, because I will also scream at the top of my lungs, "Tangkai, that white sauce was (Expletive Deleted) delicious!" I fully admit that while at times I can be pensive and silent, there are also times when I am passionately boisterous. Things happen fast in a restaurant. I am standing in front of three ovens that belch flames to maintain an internal temperature of 500 degrees celsius and emit enough radiant heat to sear human flesh in mere seconds. One wrong move can mean a burnt pizza, another wrong moves means a 3rd degree burn. Still, I love what I do and where I am in life. It has been a huge challenge to build and keep our little 40 square meter pizza restaurant, but I will never apologise for caring about the quality of my product. When you read through all of the reviews on all of these sites on which you are defaming me you can see that my customers appreciate the fact that I am personally here, day in and day out, making the pizzas myself and doing my utmost to provide the good people of Chengdu with a pizza that rivals most pizzas that you could get back home.

    So in conclusion, profanity does not equal verbal abuse, but making false statements does equal defamation. I would appreciate if you would take down your defamatory reviews of your own accord, I'm going to request Tripadvisor to take a look at it as well. Honestly, if you would just change the language of it I would be content to let the matter rest. Everyone knows that Mike has a booming baritone voice which he sometimes employs at maximum volume while sounding a string of epithets almost worthy of the great Gordon Ramsay, (not that I would ever put myself in the same category.) Just don't accuse me of a crime I didn't commit. Again, there's a huge difference between profanity and verbal abuse. Just because you are offended by a word, doesn't mean everyone else is. I know it's pithy to use the U.S. Supreme Court as an example, but they have consistently upheld the right to use profanity as covered by free speech, going back to Cohen vs. California.

    Are you still with me Amy? Or did I lose you back there when I started talking about actual facts? As long as I still have your attention, I'd like to go ahead and review you. It's only fair, since the internet allows you to jump on your virtual soapbox and create multiple new accounts on multiple website to defame my character that I be allowed to make a few observations about your character as well. Wouldn't you agree?

    I'm going to go ahead and give you 2 starts out of 5 as well. I'm giving you the 2 good stars because you seem to be obligated by a sense of morality. You are at least honest enough to give me credit for making a good pizza, and your heart does seem to be in the right place. But I have to take off a star for your dangerous sense of self-righteousness and your inability to see the world outside of your bubble. It's people like you who are responsible for books being banned, books being burned, prohibition, witch hunts and the Spanish Inquisition. (Yes, I just went there.) Just because you are offended by something doesn't mean everyone else is. You have the right to not watch Pulp Fiction because it has a few bad words in it, but you don't have the right to stop others from watching it. You also don't have the right to attack people who do watch it, just like you don't have the right to attack my customers for not sharing your views about whether or not profanity is socially acceptable. Please realise that there is a world outside your bubble and not everyone thinks the same way you do.

    I also have to take away a star for not considering the actual consequences of your actions. Let's take your thoughts to their logical conclusion shall we? You want the good people of Internet-land to join your holy crusade and boycott Mike's Pizza Kitchen because Mike uses profanity, correct? And then Mike will go out of business, and the world will be a better place because his employees will no longer be exposed to profanities. (Because they obviously don't exist in the world outside Mike's Pizza...) But here's the thing, if you succeed in shutting me down it's going to be my employees that are hurt more than anyone else. Did you think, before embarking on this crusade, to ask Tangkai how he felt when I uttered those life-changing words, "Tangkai, make me another (Expletive Deleted) white sauce, now!"? Because I did. When you went online and made this federal case, my wife and I had a conversation with him about that incident and he didn't feel insulted in any way, but he is making a conscious effort to be more consistent with his white sauce. He knows what I expect, and he is aware that there needs to be a sense of urgency and that he needs to deliver a quality product every single time. He's an adult, he can take care of himself, and he is learning skills here that will enable him to be an entrepreneur himself in the future. He dreams of owning his own restaurant some day. We have already had one employee start his own restaurant and we would be ecstatic if that became a reality for Tangkai as well. When we hired him he was working for barely minimum wage in a convenience store. He always puts in extra time with us, and his financial situation is now such that he can finally afford to move into a better apartment and bring his girlfriend here from his home province. In the short time that he has worked for us his life has changed drastically for the better, and I am truly grateful that our little pizza place has been instrumental in this. And you want to take that away from him because you heard one sentence?

    And finally, I have to take a star away for your grammar. I hope you're not an English teacher, because any student of language should be aware that there is a huge difference in meaning and syntax between yelling profanities at someone and simply punctuating a sentence with profanity. Again, the sentence in question is, "Tangkai, make me another (Expletive Deleted) white sauce, now!" If you really need me to diagram the sentence for you, I would be more than happy to. Actually, the real reason I'm nitpicking your grammar is because I'm hoping that you are a good person who is just misguided. If it's not your understanding of the English language that is lacking, then you are just plain lying. Again, there is a difference between yelling profanities at someone, and simply lacing a sentence with profanity.

    @Elite Fitness: You are lying, plain and simple. Please stop. Yes, I yell. Yes, I utilise profanity. Yes, I experience real human emotions that I don't try to hide from the world. But why do you have to embellish the truth with that last falsehood? My wife has never cried in the pizza place. She is also a human being who experiences human emotions that are sometimes visible to the viewing public, but she didn't cry and the fact that you feel the need to embellish your gossip with untruth is just pathetic, small and annoying.

    @Elite Fitness and rdietr: Do the two of you realise how incredibly racist you are? You are embarrassed to be a foreigner because of me? The fact that we happen to share an ethnicity or point of origin is in no way a reason to compare us to each other. My actions don't reflect on you any more than the atrocities committed by white people throughout history reflect on any other individual who, through no fault of their own, happens to be born with a lack of skin pigmentation. I'm an individual human being who works hard to make a good-tasting pizza. I'm not a poster boy for any nation or ethnicity. If you would like to buy a good-tasting pizza, feel free to come by the shop. If, however, your intent is to showcase me as an example of fantastic foreignness then please take your racist expectations elsewhere.

    @Everyone: My relationship with my wife is none of your business. It just isn't. I know that you think that since you were sitting in my restaurant and had front row seats to an intra-marital dispute that you are justified in gossiping about it on the internet, but that's just not true. That's the same argument that the tabloid hustlers use to justify their invasion of celebrities' private lives and it is no more true for them than it is for you.

    I will say, in the interest of having you put down your pitchforks and torches even though it's none of your business, that we are two of the happiest and most in-love people on the planet. I am the luckiest man on earth to be able to spend as much time with Aiqing as I do every day, and even though we are together 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, I find myself wishing every day had been a bit longer so we could spend even more time together. Because we are normal human beings who experience normal human emotions, and because we are visible to the viewing public for 42 hours per week, you will see us disagree with each other on occasion. We don't bottle things up, we don't play passive-aggressive mind games. We express ourselves and move on. I sincerely hope that all of you are as blessed in love as we are.

    I will also add this story. While in Rome last year we ate in a small Mom and Pop restaurant, much like ours. We always try to sit as close to the kitchen as possible so we can catch glimpses of the action. At one moment during our meal, the Father/Chef and the Mother/Cashier and the Waitress/Daughter were all screaming at each other right between our table and the kitchen. I almost got hit with an errant towel. I didn't go home and complain to the internet that their family argument ruined my meal. I thought it was awesome. Real human beings, real passion, real emotion. Not some stupid corporate, white-washed facade that has been market-tested to offend the fewest number of people.

    Alright, I'm done now. Almost. I'm going to tell you all the story of one of the times where I really yelled at a customer, while we're on the subject.

    Maybe, in the spirit of fairness, you should ask if there was a good reason for losing my temper and threatening a customer. Did you want to ask me that? Or are you content to just repeat rumours and hearsay without any attempt to find out the truth?

    Well, I'm glad you asked.

    This guy, let's call him Matt, lived outside of our delivery range. He still wanted a delivery. He thought it would be a good idea to have his girlfriend call, and pretend she was the girlfriend of a very good customer of ours and ask us to deliver outside of our range. Of course, we knew that she wasn't who she was pretending to be, because our very good customers would never ask us to deliver outside of our range, especially during our busy rush. Anyway, my wife was very kind and polite on the phone, and explained that we can't deliver outside of our range, but they could order takeout and come pick it up themselves.

    She called again. This time she decided to use a different lie. She told Aiqing that we had delivered there before. Of course, that's also impossible, since we are the only people who would ever authorise a delivery and neither of us has ever sent an order to the address in question. Again, Aiqing was calm, polite and patient; even though these phone calls were inhibiting her ability to manage the other deliveries and take other orders.

    They called again. This time they guy who we are calling Matt called himself. He tried to tell my wife that he had just moved a little bit outside of our range, but was there anything we could do? Again, Aiqing calmly and patiently explained our position. Our restaurant was 100% full, all of our delivery bikes were spoken for, and this selfish prick was infringing on our ability to provide service to our actual customers. And when Aiqing insisted that there was nothing we could do, he responded, "Well, fuck you then."

    I could see from Aiqing's face that she was flustered. I asked why and she told me what had just happened. What would you do? This idiot was completely in the wrong. He and his girlfriend had lied to us repeatedly, they had wasted our time with multiple phone calls that made it impossible for other customers to place their order, and when their dishonest efforts were unsuccessful this asshole took his anger out on my wife, who had been nothing but kind and patient even though these people were lying to her and taking time away from our customers.

    Yes, I called him back. Yes, I screamed at him. I was angry and he deserved all of that anger. I summoned the full volume of my wrath and vomited a verbal volley of viciousness that made the windows shake.

    You see, I believe in Justice. What he did was wrong and it is Just and Moral and Right that there should be some kind of retribution and consequence for his actions. I am aware that it made the other customers in the restaurant uncomfortable, but it was still the right thing to do. People like that need to be made aware that they can't just get away with that kind of behaviour. I'm not saying that every time I raise my voice is necessary or justified, but I am saying that there is often a story and reason behind it and in the spirit of fairness maybe you could ask to hear the story before stabbing me with your virtual pitchforks burning me at your virtual stake.
    (If any of our readers would like a full transcript of Mike Punishing the Pusillanimous Pricks, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to our company headquarters. An encore performance of this, and other tirades, will also be performed in Mike's one-man show: Mike vs. The Mob, Pitchforks and Profanity.)

    I've wasted most of my day off with this BS, so I'm going to stop now. I might add to it later. I do want to say thank you to everyone for the many positive reviews and expressions of support and solidarity. I wouldn't be able do keep working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week and some extra on my day off if I didn't know that our efforts were appreciated.

    I decided to keep the responses from the last time I felt the need to defend myself against an internet mob below...for posterity.

    @Raul, I'm not some big corporation that operates 24/7 and makes decisions based on market share and stock options instead of taste. I'm an individual guy who used to make great pizza in Vegas and now I make great pizza here in Chengdu. Because I am an actual human being, I need a day off once a week. Deal with it.

    @Clay...when have you ever ordered a Donny sandwich from me?

    @Jonna aka Consultant2012 aka DILIGAF, are also a fake customer (obviously the same person) posting fake negative reviews. But while you're at it, why don't you post some fake positive reviews for your BFF at Dave's Oasis?
  • JessiB
    May 4, 2014
    Hey there! Just wanted to drop a line to let people know about a good pizza joint here in town. The pizza they serve is reminiscent of a small artisan pizzeria back in the states - not mass produced and tasteless stuff like the chain restaurants have. Also, the prices seem reasonable for Western food here in Chengdu, and I have paid a lot more for a lot worse. They do have a DIY option for vegetarians, as well as having three vegetarian pizzas on the regular menu (Snow White, Frog Prince, Mama Bear). They will do a half-and-half pizza as well, so you can please everyone in your crowd. An additional perk is that they will allow you to pre-arrange a delivery time, so you can time your delivery pizza with your arrival home after a long day at work - combined with a nice bottle of reasonably priced red wine, which they also deliver - that is as good as it gets! I'd like to respond to some of the other reviewers as far as Mike's attitude towards his staff and his wife Aiqing; please don't be quick to judge behavior that you only understand part of, or just walked in to. There is a reason that the quality of their product is so consistent and so high, and that is because you must be a perfectionist in order to maintain that. Also, it can be very stressful to run a small business, and variations in quality can cause a lot of stress, as their reputation is on the line if any mistakes are made. Having been a repeat customer here for many moons, I can tell you three things: 1. Mike is a friendly guy with a very high stress job. His staff know this, and they have a good relationship. They understand the demands to create a high-quality and consistent product. 2. Aiqing is in NO WAY a verbally abused spouse. She's fully capable of kicking Mike's butt, and if he ever needs it, she'll do it. 3. The staff here are respected, valued, well paid, and treated like members of the family, which some of them may in fact be (Aiqing's parents help out with many duties around the business).

    My opinion, in a nutshell. Just know that on 'carbo cheat day', I'll be there, getting down on a Frog Prince.
  • Maomi
    April 29, 2014
    Pizza is good. But Mike doesn't just abusively yell at his staff he yells at customers too. After bringing some Chinese friends to the restaurant, and having Mike basically tell them to go eat noddles after having a question about the receipt. I don't think i'll return. The food is good but theres other pizza in Chengdu besides Mike's. I'd say delivery for this place is great but if you eat in you risk having to have your meal ruined by hes attitude.
  • jeggfrey
    April 26, 2014
    The pizza here is fantastic as far as I'm concerned. The Mad Buffalo is truly a taste of my hometown Buffalo NY. I don't mind the price, and the service couldn't be friendlier. The one thing that makes me rather uncomfortable though is the owner's tendency to get angry and yell very loud at the kitchen staff. I have been there on two occasions in the past year, once at the end of the summer and once just recently. On both occasions, Mike flew into a rage for a mistake made in the kitchen. It's quite a small setting, and it made it very uncomfortable to have to bear witness to the berating of one of his staff. I know that owning such a reputable business must be very stressful, but that lack of professionalism is unacceptable. Please be mindful of how your customers feel when you force them to witness your hot temper.
  • Roman-tic
    April 26, 2014
    My favorite pizza in Chengdu.
  • pandalover
    April 26, 2014
    Pizza lives up to the hype but Mike verbally abuses his staff! I hadn't read reviews on here before going, but now I wish I had. I can't believe some reviewers think it is socially acceptable to yell profanities at your staff! Pizza was fantastic, but dinner was ruined by hearing Mike yell at a staff member and his wife well within earshot of everyone in the restaurant. I loved the pizza but I will not be returning to this restaurant!
  • Matt321
    March 22, 2014
    Can only agree with the recent comments here. Was craving a pizza big time and was definately worth it! 70 yuan for a top quality immense large pizza yes it sounds expensive but back home you'd be paying 100 yuan at least. Think its quite safe to say I will be back!
  • Mikey T
    February 5, 2014
    Great, well run place! If great pizza comes at a cost of a few screams at staff so be it. I might yell at my staff if I ad to work so closely with locals. The mad buffalo is terrific.
  • The Pugs
    January 27, 2014
    Mike and Aiqing,

    We respect what you two do and know how difficult it. Your consistency is unbeatable! Our friendship started due to your quick service and great pizzas. Danny and I are in Ethiopia now near the South Sudan border (our first internet connection in days) dreaming of a Frog Prince! Out of your delivery zone???

    We love you two and always support you. One thing we find to handling the stress of running a restaurant is take more breaks and just leave! We know we would not be as pleasant if we did not.

    Enjoy your vacation and can't wait to catch up soon.

    D and D
  • Aiqing
    January 27, 2014
    If I had a choice, I would remain silent on the internet. I would just be the cheerful voice you hear over the phone when you call Mike's Pizza, or be the smile when you walk into Mike's Pizza's door. I am Mike's wife-Aiqing. I feel like I have to clarify something after reading some of the recent reviews:

    1. I don't think I have ever cried because I was scared or yelled at by Mike. I am a grown-up and I can tell what's right or wrong. Mike doesn't yell for no reason. If he's right, I suck it up and try to make things better. If he's wrong, I yell right back. Again, I DID NOT CRY, I just may not be happy at that moment. BTW, you have no idea how scared of me Mike is. Ask him is you dare.

    2. It's kind of true that we are in Chengdu and you shouldn't expect perfect service or perfect food. It is also true that sometimes things are just messed up. But that's not what Mike or I expect. That's why I'm doing everything possible to obtain the best ingredients for our food, training our staff intensively so that they can meet our standards, even quit my well-paying corporate job to be fully involved in our small family business. We care about our food and our customers so much to a degree you can't even imagine. That's why when there's a mess-up, Mike would be very upset. He gets angry and tries to make it clear to everyone right away that it is unacceptable that our customer is not getting what they are paying for. I am on the same side as him, even though I get yelled at when I make a mistake or let something slip though, because I know the only reason we have existed for more than 3 years is because we are making better and better pizzas and offering better and better service. Sometimes the ambience gets a little awkward in our tiny place as you may say, but which one is worse? A little bit of uncomfortableness which you could just laugh it off or unbearable food that you would never even bring your friend to share? Believe it or not, I am really grateful Mike is the way he is. Only as obsessed as he is, he can change the mentality of our staff and make as great pizzas as he's making now.

    F&B business is no classy business behind the scene. It is a lot of pressure and hard work. My joyful moments are when I tell our customers on the phone that they'd be waiting for over an hour for their pizzas to be delivered, they tell me it is worth waiting for; when they call me and I know exactly what they want and where they live, they don't have to repeat themselves again and again to a stranger on the phone every time; when they come to our restaurant to eat a delicious fresh hot pizza and drink a cold beer, after they finish they let us know how much they have enjoyed everything. I don't think you can find more than 3 restaurants in Chengdu that is the same as us, because WE CARE.

    Actually I only wanted to write one line to clarify that I didn't cry. Did not expect this much slip through my fingers.
  • garrison
    January 27, 2014
    Simply the best pizza I have tasted in China. Great pizzas, excellent delivery and decent prices.
  • KeithBoedker
    January 27, 2014
    Great pizza, by far the best in China. Mad Buffalo is just sooo good.
  • rdietr
    January 26, 2014
    I love the pizza at this place, but had a rather annoying experience there the other night. I guess one of the staff members messed up an order which no cares about, cause we're in Chengdu, and you can always fix shit, but Mike decided to make a scene out of it by screaming at the staff member in front of the whole restaurant. It was pretty annoying, because I wanted to show a Chinese friend some good non-Pizza Hut pizza, but I ended feeling like embarrassed by my fellow laowai. There must be a classier way to deal with an employee who screws up......
  • hiro00
    January 7, 2014
    Love to see Pizza comment wars!

    The superlative reviews are a bit over the top, but the pizzas are great especially considering the options in this city.

    For what you get, the prices are more than reasonable. Which can't be said about most of the other popular pizza places (looking at you Mandolino and Peter Pan!).

    Chengdu certainly needs more places like this.

    (and I second larger delivery area pls!)
  • devananda
    November 22, 2013
    I tell u these jokers who are commenting on Mike's Pizza keep harping on by saying,This is the best pizza i've eaten in chengdu!Duh!First of all there is only Mikes pizza and the rest in chengdu.Second Mikes pizza is oneof the best pizzas I have ever eaten!Being a good canadian boy growing up with assorted junk pizza options and so called better pizza options,I would say Mikes Pizza is up there with the best worldwide.Nice crust not thick,not thin.Just enough cheese and tomato sauce.nice veggie assortment.As far as the the other pizzas at Mike I will leave that to the carnivours to relish.The Veggie pizza is excellent!There is no good pizza in china anywhere!Mikes is the best!
  • The Ryanator
    October 21, 2013
    Super pro pizza service with real western chef running it. Delivery is fast and customer service is good. Also, if you're in the neighborhood, his restaurant is small but pretty cool. I recommend eating Mikes pizza and then walking down over to Cakey Buttah for desert and coffee.

    P.S. They delivered a margarita to me at poolside. Awesome.
  • mowgli
    October 20, 2013
    recommend them sandwiches, tasty!
  • TravisM
    August 18, 2013
    This review has been a long time coming. I've been in Chengdu about 2 years and China for 6. Hands down the best pizza I've had over here.

    Mike is a badass lookin dude who throws down a mean pizza. Crust is good, toppings even better.

    I've been there 4 or 5 times and have never been disappointed. My favorite is the sandwich, I forget the name but the one with jalapenos, pineapple, chicken and ranch sauce. It's ridiculously good.

    Keep being awesome.
  • Jellyfish - Amir
    August 2, 2013
    Love the Pizza
    Especially the Mad Buffalo!
    keep on the good work!
  • ps_striker
    April 11, 2013
    Best pizza in Chengdu, hands down. I am never disappointed when I order from or eat there.
  • Dandoval
    March 6, 2013
    Damn you Mike! Damn you for not delivering further south! I want to order more!
  • turks
    March 1, 2013
    To start off with, yes Mike's is the best pizza in Chengdu. To all you nerds who attack this man, like the 'you're not Elvis' thing, I have something to say to you. I use to gig with Mike and when he sang Elvis you'd swear Elvis was singing right beside you. He is as talented as a singer and musician as he is as a pizza maker. When I finally found his restaurant, in which he replied something to the effect of: "what took you so long", I was not only impressed with the food but also impressed with the show Mike puts on while making the food. He's right out front centre stage, just like he's gigging, tossing the dough in the air. He's got at least 8 Chinese working around him and it's a small restaurant. He shouts out orders, like"Kitchen more spinach", without missing a beat tossing the dough. His restaurant works like clock work, very impressive considering this is China. The man is fully in control. Hey Mike, you know when you are thrown to the internet dogs that you're going to get some bad comments by the trolling network. But, the favourable comments out score the negative by far, keep up the good work, I'll try to make it back soon brother...
    February 23, 2013
    Now that I've tried Mike's Pizza several times I can with good conscience say that Mike serves by far the best pizza I've eaten during my years in Chengdu. Deliveries works great and I have soon gone through all the pizzas on the menu and have not yet been disappointed. The only thing I miss is delivery during Sundays. Otherwise, perfect!
  • Ricos
    November 10, 2012
    Tried it last week for the first time. Loved it! The best pizza that i had in China during my 6 years here.
  • black_key
    October 16, 2012
    Decent. Has it gone up in price though?
  • Laurel
    October 12, 2012
    We are new to Chengdu and are happy to have Mike's Pizza close by! It will be our Friday or Saturday night family tradition. The choice of toppings is great...I love artichoke, chicken, and goat cheese and many pizza places don't offer those. Friendly, prompt service and great taste. Thanks for this taste of home!!!
  • Jack Fancy
    September 18, 2012
    Mike's got a walk-in joint now on Tongzilin Nanlu! Sitting down at his new establishment made for a good excuse to finally have one of his pizza-dough styled sandwiches. He's done a good job with the decor and I'm already loving walking by and taking in the aroma!
  • aamagpayo
    September 7, 2012
    Mike, your pizza's are absolutely fabulous!!! It is our comfort food since moving to Chengdu in July 2012 from Canada. Janice and I absolutely look forward to eating your food. So far everything we have tried from your restaurant has surpassed our expectations. By far the Sausage Spaghetti with Garlic sticks, and the Br'er Rabbit with Buffalo wings....Wow!!! Also, Janice loves that you typically answer the phone and no matter what there is always a friendly voice on the other end. Even the the delivery ppl are extremely friendly and kind. Thanks for making our move a little easier with a taste of home!!!
  • Birdman
    August 29, 2012
    This place is fantastic. I'd ordered the stuffed frog prince several times already since arriving in chengdu, its really that delicious.
    Consistency and quality all the way. Much appreciated in a city lacking real pizza options.
  • Euni_9
    July 28, 2012
    I love Mike's, so much, in fact, I order pizza from them almost every week. The Snow White and Frog Prince are my personal favorites.

    A word of warning though:
    I've gotten the veggie sandwich twice, which tastes amazing... but I got sick, unfortunately, after eating the sandwich BOTH times. My friend also has gotten sick off a sandwich before. With the veggie sandwich, I'm assuming it has something to do with the cheese... since the veggie sandwich is just cheese, veggies, and bread. I'm not sure what it is, but it's a real shame, because I think the combination of goat cheese and veggies is absolutely perfect.

    @Mike, if you can assure me I won't get sick off another veggie sandwich, I can almost guarantee I'll be ordering one every week. But until then, I'll stick with the pizzas.
  • Wes0381
    April 28, 2012
    Conan! What is best in life?

    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to eat Big Earl sandwiches!
  • mosesknows
    February 17, 2012
    Thank you! My husband surprised me for Valentine's Day with one of your...well two of your pizzas! We had been searching for just decent pizza after only being in Chengdu only a short time and then you came into our lives! He ordered a double cheese, pineapple, jalepeno peppers and chicken pizza. I ended up eating most of it! SOOO freakin' delicious. He ordered me a spinach, onion and artichoke pizza. We gobbled them down in bed...and then fell asleep satisfied needing nothing more! Honestly, you put love into your pizza and it shows. We will be very loyal customers EVERY Monday...and/or Tuesday. Thank you again.
  • A Side
    February 9, 2012
    Mike. I'm a married man, so I shouldn't be saying this...but, I love you.

    I ordered some pizza today and you made me smile. My wife was dancing around the house, my friend who came to visit from America was feeling like he was home slammin' into a slice.

    We have an extra bedroom at our house if your interested.

    Please don't sip on that hatorade and say Mike's Pizza is lame or mediocre, its real crust, sauce and great toppings.

  • Bradfromeuropecity
    January 9, 2012
    The pizza is great! It is at my door in no time, steaming hot and ready to be devoured.
    Cudos to Mike for bringing a slice of heaven to this dreary city. Mike's Pizza was one of the first things I was told about when moving to Chengdu.
    I have read a few of the reviews (that aren't so nice) and honestly, if you are taking time to post a bad review then you muct either be a miserable old bastard or just want someone to fail like you have in life.
    When it comes to pizza, you cannot really mess it up... but you can make it extra special.
    The King is my go-to

    Damn I could go for one now!
  • hasan_curmudgeon
    November 11, 2011
    Best pizzas you can find in Chengdu.

    I've been ordering pizzas from Mike since he setup shop here and I have yet to be disappointed.

    Pick of the bunch for me are:
    Mama Bear, The frog Prince & Br'er Rabbit.

    Give the desserts and sides a shot as well.

    Jeebus! some of these comments here are hilariously awful.
  • jefrotull
    November 11, 2011
    I love the pizza here, but I ate the Donny Sub last night. I was puking all night. I think it was full of bullshit. Maybe they should send the Donny sub back to were it came from.
  • Raul Jueves
    September 4, 2011
    how are you not open on sunday????!??!!!?!!!?? it's both utterly criminal and anathema to all that a pizza delivery business should be
  • richiericardo
    August 31, 2011
    Wow, seriously good pies!
  • clayuk
    August 14, 2011
    Don't try the The Donny sandwich...
  • Jonna
    August 6, 2011
    Look i have eaten this Pizza many time and its run of the mill. I personally think Dave's Oasis is better and not because the guys my BFF, Mike is a nice guy with above average pizza and as for the price i cant complain, one guy commented on the crust i agree as i lived in Italy for a short time(1 year) But considering the ingredients i think he is doing well. Bottom line is anyone can open a Pizza joint and sell pizza's if you have good pizza and a foreign face. I wish i lived near his office and i would buy more often. I still prefer Subway haha. Funny how people blast other comments for stating their opinions even attacking ones grammar talk about soggy posters.
  • stormdrayne
    August 6, 2011
    Good flavour, needs more work on the bread, and for the price its a little small.
    Delivery service is OK if you live within 1km, fork out on a van mike, go the next step.
    and not much more expensive to stretch the bread a few more inches, THEN you would be cornering the market.
    Too small, not enough topping.
    But flavour is good, maybe try live yeast not the dry powdered stuff and add a little red wine vinegar and a squeeze of lemon juice to the dough mix.
    I made pizza in Italy worked as a chef for 6 years, one day I made 130 pizza alone from scratch in a very busy restaurant, not one complaint, and Italians know pizza believe me.
  • Manchester.United
    August 3, 2011
    Great pizza nice guy damn handsome wish he was gay, could stuff my crust pizza. Cheers Mike, Meatlovers takes the prize wink wink
  • misubi
    July 15, 2011
    Had the pizza two times. Once was the vegetarian which I found a bit bland. Second with more meaty options and was quite nice. I think there could be more cheese, but because we are in China I can understand that cheese is pricey for the price point. A healthy quality pizza. Mike is a nice guy and delivery is fast and service great.

    Being a foodie eater, I can't say it's the best I've eaten here. I do prefer Salud's airy cheesy discs. But Mike's is very good and I'm looking forward to trying his stuffed as well as other options. He is my first delivery option.
  • OhKeh
    June 21, 2011
    Nice work Mike!

    Quick, hot, good pizza.

    Had pepperoni, jalapenos, onions, extra cheese, and asked for a little extra spicy. Right on point.

    Will be ordering again.
  • shi enbo
    June 14, 2011
    I had heard alot abouth this guy Mike, so has some slices of his spinach pie, sauce on top, what can I say, five stars.

    Sauce had good fresh herb flavor and the spinach was da bomb...
  • Walid
    June 14, 2011
    Great Pizzas and Sandwiches, i wish the delivery can take a little bit less time.

    The service is very friendly wether it's Mike or the other people who deliver.

    Don't forget to try Kim's cheesecake, i tried the regular one twice and it's excellent.

    It'd be better if Mike opens a restaurant as many people like me prefer to eat outside than to stay at home; a mix of delivering and having a restaurant is better.
  • Diligaf
    June 14, 2011
    Pizza was okay, Mikes got no sauce though order some soggy pizzas late and horrible, Prices are way to high for low quality pizza. Sorry your like 10 th to call on my list, you need to make areal sauce yours is not Italian i am. Meat lovers was good though, but you need a restaurant where poeple can sit down. And your super cheap on the ingredients. What ever though a pie is a pie yours i rate 3/10. So my friends we ordered 4. ouch bad taste soggy and greasy. Learn from a real chef bro. Good Luck.
  • Miss Mixit
    June 10, 2011
    Great pizza, thanks Mike! I highly recommend you try a bite!
  • TheSarge03
    June 9, 2011
    Hey Consultant.

    As a customer and friend of Mike's since he started up I have to say a few things about your poorly written and babbling comment below.

    1. High prices? Maybe with the exception of Dave's, Mike's prices are well below most of his competitors. Maybe your budget is the problem here, or experience.

    2. Delivery time and state of wetness of your delivery? Did you call Mike and inform him of this problem? I've known him to be extremely responsive to his customers and consistently tries his best to make them happy (a rare quality here). Though I seriously doubt your pizza could have been soggy as you claim, a stone cooked pizza's crust by nature is going to be crispy. So cold maybe after an hour, soggy is unlikely.

    3. Mike has no experience making pizzas? Maybe you should mobilize the extensive investigation resources that you claim to have to: 1) Verify Mike's work history in Vegas. 2) Figure out where Afghanistan is (it is not in the Middle-East, unless they have moved it since the last time I have been there). 3) Find a place that sells a book on English grammar.

    Whats with all the trolls on gochengdoo lately anyway???

  • Consultant2012
    June 9, 2011
    Pizza was decent but very expensive, I did not like the sauce but other than that its was average, i am just being honest. The prices are high too, i prefer Dave's Oasis hands down. Best pizza in town, not impressed by Mikes pizza and the delivery took well over an hour ans was soggy not much cheese overall the sauce was the worst i have tasted in Chengdu besides Origios. Its very clear Mike does not have real experience making a good pie, the only one i like was the meat lovers. i order 4 the others we horrible again the prices are high class price for low class pizza, guy need to learn how to make pizza sauce not authentic at all.
    Sorry Mike to many competitors out there cheaper and far better.
  • whatnot
    June 2, 2011
    I'm sorry but Mike, your pizza is shit which is pretty funny. Didn't you manage a pizza place for 2 years in Las Vegas? Good old Chengdu, where so little is expected and where giving so little gets acclaim. And Mike, aren't you Elvis? Hmmmmmm........
  • neafaroo
    May 30, 2011
    Good pizza but I feel as though the sauce needs something (more garlic and maybe a bit more basil and salt). Ordered a couple special order pizzas and the toppings are very good, particularly the sundried tomatoes, but when I got a single topping pizza (I tend to be partial to one/two topping choices on my pizza) where the sauce is more crucial to the flavour you could definitely tell that something was missing. Still by far one of the best pizzas (if not the best pizza) I've had in Chengdu, as I'm extremely picky when it comes to the sauce of my pizza its not surprising I would have a complaint with it (I make my own spaghetti sauces here). But the crust was great, as were the toppings and the cheese which is why I would love to see the sauce improved on because it is such a great pizza.
  • Lestat deLioncourt
    May 18, 2011
    as usual - finger lickin' good pizza from mike... just had the suave-licious snow white and the superb veg sandwhich... still, the best pizza in China...
  • tomesy
    March 27, 2011
    Good, solid, tasty Pizza. Will definately order again from Mikes.
  • DandD
    March 12, 2011
    My husband and I just tried Mike's Pizza for the first time after hearing much about it. We went full steam ahead and ordered a large stuffed Snow White, a BBQ chicken pita and Caesar salad. Mike took our order and 40 minutes later we were shoveling extremely tasty pizza in our mouths! There is no doubt of the freshness. The spinach was wonderful. We are very picky pizza eaters and won't waste our money at Pizza Hut or Papa John's here! The Caesar salad was not what we would consider a Caesar salad, but Mike is a Pizza Guy and that is what we are judging! The pizza is impressive and very satisfying. We just met Mike over the phone today and have no reason to write fake positive reviews! Will definitely be hearing from us 1 to 2 times a week! Mike good luck with your business and we will do our part to keep you here!

  • anjie
    January 27, 2011
    It was really nice trying something new - the stuffed Red Riding Hood pizza was pretty good! I'm really picky about sauce, and for once had a pizza that was soaked in sauce (also good the morning of day 2). Also ordered the spinach salad (yum yum more sun-dried tomatoes) and delivery was really fast - couldn't believe they made all that AND got to my house in 40 minutes. Thanks Mike, nice new biz. :)
  • Timothy
    January 17, 2011
    Ordering is very easy - I've never had a communication problem on the phone with them. Delivery is free and the delivery person is friendly and reliable. The pizza is reasonably priced. Sorry to disagree with others here, but I think the pizza is of average quality. I find Bookworm's pizza to be much better.
  • Paulie
    January 11, 2011
    I'd agree with hammy's assessment.

    I only took one star off because although my pizza was delivered quickly, it wasn't very hot when it arrived.

    But that is a minor grumble, excellent taste and service.

  • Hammy
    January 11, 2011
    Mike's pizza's are awesome, anyone bad mouthing them probably works for a competitor! Obviously hand made and nothing like pizza hut (I would never go there or eat their spray cheese from a can). Mike obviously knows pizza, loves pizza himself and so I highly recommend this as a great little delivery service for those who are hung over or just too dam lazy to cook.
    The cheese is real! The sauce tastes homemade and not at all chemical.
  • jguedes
    January 9, 2011
    Wonderful Pizza with fast and reliable delivery and friendly service. These are definitely the best pizzas in Chengdu and have saved me from starvation on many a long night at the lab.
  • Wes311
    December 28, 2010
    Not quite sure what Mr. Ramsay below is talking about but I seriously doubt a family operation is bothering to fill their pizza's with whatever chemical combo he is suggesting.

    Anyway, I have ordered from Mike four times. His pizzas are the best in town hands down.
  • jinjiang
    December 27, 2010
    well, I am about to go against the trend of reviews on this board describing this pizza as superlative (and face the wrath that I am certain will ensue) but sorry, the taste didn't work for me. The taste of this pizza seemed very similar to that of pizza hut or papa john's and that is not a compliment. Those pizzas have two common elements: high fructose corn syrup and sodium nitrite - translated means, artificial sweeteners and preservatives...further translated means artificial taste. Believe me, I wanted very much to like this pizza as the whole thought of a reliable, delivery pizza in chengdu is enticing to say the least but no dice. I will say that the service was very good and offer that perhaps others will feel different in their views of the taste should they try it.
  • Amour
    December 17, 2010
    Tried out a mama bear pizza and some bread sticks tonight. It was AWSOME!
    The sauce had such complex flavors, the cheese had a fine taste, and I get to eat many vegetables on my pizza(hopefully it's healthier), even the dough had a perfect texture. The bread sticks are a lot more than I expected. With Italian herbs and cheese crums, dipping in the sause, delicious!

    The delivery was made to me in 40 minutes, which was supprisingly fast, also such a confort in a cold winter night. Recommending to those of you who live in the south (even better if you are in Tongzilin then you satisfy your hunger real fast)
  • sinro
    December 16, 2010
    I wonder how many other people are going to create an account just to write an elabarous and suspiciously positive review for this place....
    First the bar owners, now the restaurant owners... soon there will be no point in coming to check out the "objective" reviews on gochengdoo
  • Guest
    December 16, 2010
  • Dani920
    December 14, 2010
    Oh wow. That chewy-yeasty REAL pizza crust. That amazingly deep and tasty sauce with just a hint of zing and a whole lot of flavor. Toppings that make sense and are generously and appropriately applied. The perfect amount of cheese-not too much, not too little-tops off one of the most satisfying take-out pizzas I've had ever.

    Folks this pizza isn't just Chengdo-good, its really good. The sort of thing you'd happily pay for even if you were living in New York City or D.C. or Chicago.

    The people who run Mike's pizza kitchen are some of the kindest and caring people we know.

    Yes, the phone will be answered by someone who speaks fluent English.

    Yes, the pizza is priced fairly and perfectly with top-notch ingredients.

    Yes, we will be ordering again, and again, and again.

    By the way, a little tip for the build- your-own pizza lovers out there. We tried mushrooms, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes and wow! What a great pizza, maybe our favorite yet!
  • TheSarge
    December 11, 2010
    In a dark cold land of pizza mediocrity there comes a beacon of hope. A hope that no longer we have to be subjected to soggy, bland, slow, overpriced, or pizza completely different from what we originally ordered in the first place. Pizza that leaves you full but feeling in someway....a bit dirty.

    We yearned to be freed from pizza abominations.

    What we wanted is a pizza made by one of us who grew up with pizza and knows what it should taste like. Pizza with flavor. Pizza with ingredients you can identify. Pizza that you can have your way without the need for management approval.

    Well pizza salvation has arrived.

  • TTBangBang
    December 11, 2010
    Normally, I don't like pizza at all. But I ate three pieces of their Big Bad Wolf!
    December 7, 2010
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