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Mix & Match

60 Kehua Beilu, Soho Bldg. 5 1203, Chengdu
成都科华北路60, SOHO沸城A1203

Phone: (028) 15680609871


Tapas restaurant with chef from Spain.

Set Lunch Tuesday to Friday RMB60.

Saturday and Sunday, 12 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 1 a.m.

closed on Mondays

  • ChengduTiramisu
    September 14, 2014
    Unfortunately Mix and match is no longer here. It has been replaced by a sports bar, with a good lemon daquari I may add.
  • ziyou
    December 25, 2013
    going there about 3 times a week over the last months. always have the lunch or dinner set. Excellent value for money, consistent quality, friendly service, what more can you wants.

    Hands down the best western restaurant in Chengdu.
  • gavinski
    September 2, 2013
    Having been to Mix and Match a few times now, I would like to revisit my review of this place.I would now say that this is a promising restaurant and there is definitely a gap in the market for a small and friendly restaurant doing quality European food, but I think that at the moment the standard is pretty inconsistent. I have had dishes here I really thought were delicious, others that I thought were really so so, or poorly conceived. The chicken is tasty enough, though a bit heavy on the nutmeg, but I would only recommend as a shared dish, not as a main course, as it is too one dimensional and needs to be served with something else. It may have been presented as a tapas dish so that may be an unfair comment. On this note, the menu is both too small and too confusing. Really needs to be presented in a different format.The lasagna again does not work without a side dish or a salad along with it... But in fact there is no salad on the menu! We thought the lasagna had too much flour in the bechamel, and that the tomato sauce was not rich enough.A mojito suffered from the mint not being crushed, and was also not strong enough.The Mushroom and smoked salmon starters /tapas were very good.Brownie I have had twice, and the first time thought it was great, second time just so so...50 rmb for a plate of stir fried veg seemed excessive.So, I wish this place good luck, and have had a few very good eating experiences here, but it needs more consistency, a few more main course dishes, and would benefit greatly from more staff as it seems just too much for only two people to handle
  • chengdufootabll
    August 22, 2013
    Went last night, fantastic food and great service.
  • dancewithme
    August 18, 2013
    Also just move to Chengdu, but different experience as review below. I really like this place! I had the dinner set and the salmon was fabulous. We also asked for cocktails and we had the best Gin Fizz ever! I love the way they prepare it. Just in front of you with a kind of mini chart bar. Nice and cool. Fully recommend. I will come back!!
  • Annie B
    August 18, 2013
    After just moving to Chengdu and starting to scope out the non-Chinese food scene this was my first experience. I was a bit shocked to read the good reads. The place looks fine, not great, but the food and service is more important. The European woman serving us was cranky and just plain rude!!!! Being from Canadian, yes I can be overly friendly, but please....She never cracked a smile or made small talk the entire time making our drinks...and she took her sweet time...cube by cube.

    Two of the five dishes were apparently sold out. The veggie au gratin was nothing more that chunks of carrots and cauliflower sitting in hot water (not strained at all!) with a cheesy sauce thrown over it. Quite terrible.

    The entire experience was very awkward.

    Coming from living in Shanghai I don't expect Western food to be as developed in Chengdu, but this...

    Quite bad. And I wanted it to be good.

    And the post about the raw chicken!!! Serving chicken uncooked is outrageous.....would love to hear the reasoning behind that one! Charging a guest for a uncooked meat???

    This place is not even trying.

    A dirty elevator ride up to a place that used to be an apartment...fine, but come on!
  • invisible
    August 17, 2013
    Some people don't like the interior, the cheap ikea chairs and the newspaper covered walls, I don't care that much and prefer understatement to posh tackiness and i'm more concerned with food taste and value.

    Anyways we arrived 1.30 p.m. and were told that the lunch set was sold out (they make only 15 portions and they will stop the RMB50 promo from now on). The menu had main 5 dishes listed and the one we wanted to order instead of the lunch menu wasn't available either.

    Ok, we were ready to move lunch to another place, but the waiter said he could make us a deal, but he didn't tell us what dishes were actually available (although we specifically asked that twice) and what the concrete deal would be. But we agreed despite better instincts and what could possibly go wrong?

    We started with a mushroom croquette appetizer: the outside could've have been much more crunchy, but the surprise was inside: a fluid mushroom paste.
    Strange i don't think that's how croquettes are supposed to be but it wasn't too bad since it was almost flavorless and we were hungry.

    Next up couscous a vegan mini portion with two bites of broccoli and cauliflower. Taste was actually ok, but there wasn't much to bite this dish.

    Clams came all very small and almost nothing to eat there, each one had half a dozen miniclams but we all didn't like the taste of it and the sauce didn't help much nor did the old dry cheapo bread that came with it.

    More than half an hour in we had three little dishes: not filling, and not matching at all.

    We were still hungry and kind of in the mood to leave and get a real bite somewhere else.

    Once again the waiter the asked us if we wanted some meat, and we were thinking it's part of the deal so of course said yes. So we got 3 steaks on 3 mushroom slices and a drop of gravy and jam nothing else with it. I'm not into steaks that much, but thought it was ok, after all the first thing that was somehow done well and actually somthing to bite. After that no dessert, but we got a shot of free porto which was probably the best part (and free).

    Then came the bill 135 kuai each. Mind you the dinner set is 120, lunch 50. We were surprised but after all the culinary and service disappointment and waiting for 1 hour for the last dish to arrive just wanted to settle the bill and not argue for another hour (to be fair the waiter said we wouldn't have to pay the clams if we wouldn't like it but didn't prepare us to pay 270% of the lunch fare or 10 kuai for a WATER in a stinky glass).

    I really wished for an edition to the very low standard no thrills Chengdu Western food monotony and so it's doubly disappointing to see a hyped up place to actually miss so hard. The food was either flavorless or nothing special (steak was ok, but 85 kuai for that? and if you serve me blindly please kindly let me know how much the damage will be) in any case nothing that would remind you of Spain or Spanish tapas.

    Verdict: bad service, underwhelming food & selection, overpriced. Sorry, i'm not coming back again.
  • laride180
    August 17, 2013
    I've been a few times already and tried different dishes.
    Being in the restaurant business for 6 years in Chengdu, I have to say I'm more than happy with this newcomer. If you expected very fancy, hyped food here you will not be satisfied. What you will get is still some dishes and products that you will not find around (especially for the prices) and more than this, is the attention and the 'savoir faire' all the dishes are prepared. This is just a very professional place with cool deco, really nice staff, and some of the best dishes I tried in Chengdu.
  • Scottish Dave
    August 15, 2013
    Twice in the last week i have visited and had the lunch special that gavinski mentioned in the review below.

    50RMB is phenomenal value for what you get. Top ingredients prepared by a top chef in a nice homely setting.

    The word should be spread about this gem hidden on top of the Soho building.
  • compressor
    August 14, 2013
    This is a restaurant i've been waiting for, and they do a really good job!
    Good quality food for a fair price.
  • Zhenya
    August 7, 2013
    Loved the food, drinks and setup, but the boss/waitress with the glasses was a real ice queen, delivering the kind of vibe and service that I've come to expect from my local PSB and not a cool Spanish restaurant.
  • Jellyfish - Amir
    August 6, 2013
    Had quite a different experience than the reviewer below me. Went on their first day of business, ordered the lunch set, dishes came fast, was really pleased with everything I got: Bread, salad, Mac-cheese & chicken and the mousse. All at the price of 50 Yuan!
    Great food, Great service and Great price. Good job guys and thanks for opening the place and giving us another option in the neighbourhood.
  • TravisM
    August 6, 2013
    I don't know what to say. I just went there after a quick beer at Hakka with high hopes. They just opened the day before yesterday and serve upper-class Western cuisine. I was greeted by a friendly European waitress, got a table and ordered a beer and a "chicken panini".

    Here's where things get bad. The food came quick, like, really quick. I took a big bite and felt something slimy in my mouth. Not wanting to make a scene I simply spit it into my napkin and proceeded to investigate the remainders of the sandwich.

    Turns out the chicken inside was completely raw. Pale white on the outside and pink and slimy on the inside. So I called the friendly waitress over and actually showed her the raw meat. She smiled, said sorry and walked away leaving the plate on the table.

    A little bit surprised and confused, I pondered what just happened for a few minutes. I finished my beer and asked for the bill. She brought it over and I mentioned again saying politely "You do agree this chicken is raw, right?" she replied with a smile on her face that "No, it was cooked medium-rare."

    I said, quietly so other customers couldn't hear me, that "Raw chicken is dangerous and there's potential for salmonella." She countered again in a friendly manner "Thanks for telling us, we'll consider that in the future."

    I walked away shocked and awed. I paid 45 kuai for a raw chicken panini that wasn't actually cooked under a panini press, but instead just hard french bread. Unacceptable. I absolutely do not recommend this place if you care at all about your health or your dignity as a customer.

    Seriously not happy right now and hoping I don't get sick.
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