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Orchard Villa Simming Pool

Inside east block of Jinxiu Huayuan, 46 Renmin Nan Lu Sect. 4, Chengdu

  • Marky
    August 19, 2011
    I went here this evening for a swim, it is a nice big outdoor pool. Deepest section of the pool is 1.7m but most of it is 1.5m. There's also a splash section for babies.

    There are a lot of chairs around the pool and a few tables. This place would be complete if it sold margaritas, but it doesn't really sell any food or drink so if your going for an afternoon you might want to take something in with you.

    Currently open:
    Monday to Friday; 13:30 to 22:00
    Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 to 22:00

    20RMB per person. 10RMB deposit for the locker (if you want one).

    If your going to this place via the Metro - come out at Tongzilin Exit B.
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