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Paulaner Brauhaus

Kempinski Hotel, 42 Renmin Nan Lu Sect., Chengdu
成都人民南路四段42( 凯宾斯基饭店以内)

Phone: (028) 85269999ext.5540

Bavarian and German food with boutique brewery and beer garden.

  • Timothy
    July 31, 2011
    3 and a 1/2 stars for Paulaner Brauhaus! Their beer (brewed onsite) is excellent. Note, I've only tried their gold colored beer (not the dark stuff). I can actually taste the difference between Paulaner B's brewed beer and mass produced beer - It's like the difference between fresh orange juice and canned orange juice! (No, I don't work for P.B. :). As for the food, there is a big emphasis on sausages here which is served with fresh bread and sauerkraut. I like it, but only once in a while. There are many other options on the menu which look good but are out of my price range so I haven't tried them. The Filipino band is lively. The first review says P.B. is "a great way to meet new friends". I wouldn't agree with that - it seems like it's the place to go with friends you already have rather than to make new friends. Also, I didn't see many unattached (single) women there. Unfortunately, there's a 15% mandatory service charge on all orders. :(
  • weimannk
    June 21, 2010
    Gemuetlichkeit. That is what its all about! Come out and enjoy our Stammtisch International Corner at the Paulaner Braeuhaus every last Friday of the month. Its for expats and locals alike. Enjoy a traditional 1 litre beer "Maß", a juicy and crispy Pork Knuckle and much more. Its a great way to meet new friends, make business contacts or even satisfy an appetite. Learn about other cultures and try your hand at picking up some English, German and Chinese.

    Every last Friday of the month at 20h00 in Paulaner Braeuhaus. Prost!
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