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People's Park (Renmin Gongyuan)

Citang Jie, Chengdu


City's largest park.

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  • mr.willaby
    April 1, 2011
    The city's largest park is located just west of the city center. It has a large lake in the middle that the park is wrapped around. Its remarkably quiet and peaceful given the parks location; which extends right up against the high-rise buildings. The tall metropolis offers great views against the serenity of the park, particularly at dusk. It has a web of quaint little pathways meandering around a series of small grassland mounds with drooping trees. There are a few rides for kids, although you may have to check when they are open. At one place you can pay for them to catch fish from a pond, which they take with them in a bag and release back into the lake. There's a funky little "glass box" style tea house in the middle of the park, which has a terrace with comfy couches that overlook the water. I would highly recommend the Columbian coffee, which is the nicest I've tried in the city.
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