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Peter's Tex Mex

34 Jinxiu Lu (Zongbei International entrance), Chengdu

Phone: (028) 85253506

Look past the hokey "Wild West"- themed interior and uniforms to enjoy generous portions of standard southwest Stateside fare-burgers, tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, steaks, pizza, pasta, salad, shakes, pies, etc. Delivery available to nearby locations. Six locations in Chengdu.

WINNER - "Best Western Restaurant" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2011

RUNNER UP - "Best Western Restaurant" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2010

WINNER - "Best Western Restaurant" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2009

WINNER - "Best Western Restaurant" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2008

WINNER - "Best Western Restaurant" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2007

  • Ozius
    February 8, 2014
    Peter's is what it is. Slightly overpriced, but generally reliable. There are good days, there are bad days. There are times the food comes out and it's great, and there have been a few times I've had to pick bones out of their chicken dishes. That having been said, it's generally pretty dependable, though by no means great.
    Everything there is variable (it's China) but within pretty reasonable limits.
  • Mikey T
    February 5, 2014
    Not good, not terrible. With mikes and the lazy pug closed for the new year it is ok! Cheesy but charming in some senses. At least they turn on the heat!
  • long ai gu
    February 5, 2014
    Last time i went to Peters Tex Mex I walked out after looking at the menu. They took my favourites off the menu and raised the prices never go there again..
  • SadeqAmeenAbed
    February 2, 2014
    This place is a joke, they keep increasing the prices, decreasing the portions and their service oh their service, I understand we are in chengdu but seriously the service is terrible. from the long waiting to the wrong orders to bringing the food for one and 20 minutes later for the other person

    this restaurant has no originality no service and definitely high prices
  • Ricos
    May 26, 2012
    I used to go here from time to time, but the prices these days is just ridiculous. The service is even worse than the food.
  • flangebob
    May 10, 2012
    This has to be the best food I have ever eaten.. Its so cheap and delicious mmm

    I want Marry this Peter Tex Mex guy he is the bestist cheef. TASTY
  • bensol
    May 8, 2012
    same disscution over and over again. before it was about the prices of the lazy pug, and now about the prices of the tex mex. People here must understand these things all cost money. Rent, food prices, electricity, gas, oil all cost a lot of money, and more every year. workers salaries are also going up quickly. You want English speaking staff, cooks that understand hygene, or decent management? they all cost high salaries. I don't know about other places but where I'm coming from the tip system itself pays for the waiters and staff and owners don't even have to pay them salaries. Here no one would ever ask you to add 15% of your entire meal for 'service fee'.

    That said, the bosses of the restaurants ARE obviously trying to make profit of their business, but what's wrong with that? For an industry that 80% of all businesses are closing within the first year, F&B is one of the least rewarding investments. It takes huge amounts of time, money and energy, and the potential profit is usually minor. it's only fair that the very few restaurant that do it right should make a profit of it. If it wasn't for this slim chance, no one would ever want to open a restaurant and us the customers will be the main losers. Peter's have been doing a good job for many years so the boss desrves his success. They don't serve amazing food but it's not bad as well. The service is very good, and the enviroment is pretty comfortable as well.

    I always feel wrong when I see the foreigners complaining about life cost in Chengdu. Everyone here can make 150/h just for having a white face. I don't think anywhere in the world you could work only 10 hours a week and live like a king in a big central apartment without roommates, pay school tuition and eat 2 meals outside everyday. And also I don't think there are many places that one could pay for a nice portion of meat, vegtebles and carbs with less than 30 min. worth of salary.

    Western food doesn't cost like the back alley noodles shop. If you want cheap and good noodles go to the back alley, and if you want to eat western food prepare to pay a few more kuais. It's fair enough
  • coryg
    May 6, 2012
    Come on, Peter's isn't that bad. If you go to any of the Western restaurants in Chengdu you know it is going to be more expensive than a comparable Chinese restaurant. I've found that the service at Peter's is fairly decent. This could be related to some of the older locations as their staff has been there for a couple of years and speaks some English. Of all the Western restaurants in Chengdu, Peter's service is better than some of the more popular alternatives. The quality is about the same every time I go there so I am usually happy with the few dishes that I like to eat. They will also give you a discount if they know your face.

    At the same time, I have a few criticisms of the establishment but they are not necessary to mention as there are plenty of bad reviews on this site. If you haven't been there, go try it out. The two locations on Tongzilin are pretty decent and I've had the best service at the location next to the ZongBei (did I spell that right?) International across from the Trust Mart by SCU.
  • Jack M
    May 6, 2012
    True, food has gotten more expensive with inflation but wages have not. I make the same hourly as I did last year for the same jobs. Also I'm gonna make a fair guess and say that Peter's probably pays their waitstaff, cooks, and other employees the same low wage as last year (a waiter in Chengdu gets somewhere between 50-100 kuai per day). The same type of restaurant in the US charging nearly identical prices might pay their employee 380 kuai per day plus other government fees and unemployment insurance that may add up to 1000 kuai. Point being if these restaurants in America can sell the same thing for the same price at much higher operating costs and still be turning a profit, then there is something definitely wrong here. Someone here either 1) cannot run an efficient business, 2) is making too much money here, or 3) is trying to expand his business too quickly on the penny of his once loyal customers.

    However it is also a matter of priorities. If Peter's wants to have smaller amount of customers who pay more money for their food, then they have been successful. For foreigners its just common western food that is too expensive. On the other hand there are more and more rich Chinese everyday who consider Peter's food to be a novelty and may be willing to pay bloated prices. So if their goal is to out-price the foreigners and instead cater to the local upper classes then that is a valid business decision and I give my best wishes to the business model he chooses to follow. I just probably won't be back anytime soon.
  • Bored3
    May 5, 2012
    ingredients, etc. are up as much as 30%

    Get your facts right 3.8%

    he has achieved what I dare say most of the commenter's have not come close to achieving.

    How do you know ?

    "You're not in Kansas anymore Toto!"

    I think everybody knows they are not in Kansas Dorothy

    Peters prices went up because they opened new locations it has nothing to do with inflation. Just another greedy Chinese business man who does not understand about keeping his old customers happy.
  • Hugoleijtens
    May 5, 2012
    This Tex Mex just gets worse by the day. I live around the corner so it's very easy, but quality is just so bad that I don't want to come back here.

    I just went there to have a club sandwhich. After waiting for 45 minutes for a club sandwhich, I asked where it was. Immediately they went and brought my sandwhich. Of course it was completely cold and not tasty. Of course they said they were very sorry, but they are actually not. They don't care about their customers, nor their food.

    The waitress don't speak English, fortunately I speak Chinese so I could explain them that this is just not acceptable.

    For these prices, I at least expect decent food and decent service and they fail at both.

    I won't go back anymore
  • compressor
    April 8, 2012
    I have to agree with the others here,
    the prices are ridiculous, i gave it one last try a few days a go but this was the last time!
  • sweetname
    April 2, 2012
    Sorry, cannot give Pete's any stars. The food is not good enough to justify paying the ridiculous prices. Before they raised their prices I would go in every now and then for some of the more affordable items. Dealing with the complete lack of flavor or authenticity was a bit easier pre-price increase. Since it's become exorbitantly expensive to eat that shite I have not been back and I can't say I miss it.
  • Dandoval
    March 11, 2012
    This place used to be decent, but as everyone else seems to be saying: screw the increase of prices and decrease in quality. I'm not one to normally take effort to review a place, but this is preposterous. It used to be that you can get a decent hamburger for a decent price, but the way prices are now, the value and even the allure of the place is gone. 59 RMB for a bacon burger, 65 for mediocre burritos. Forget it. I'm taking my business elsewhere.
  • Captain_Flashheart
    February 8, 2012
    Went there on Saturday night and I don't normally complain about the service as the price has always been pretty reasonable...but the price rise is just ridiculous! Some items appear to have gone up by 50% and more.

    They managed to get 5 meals on the table at roughly the same time, but I had to send mine back twice as first it was stone cold and they'd given me the wrong side veges, and then the second time the side veges were wrong again. 2 of the other people that were there with me had to send theirs back because it was cold too.

    I used to get them to deliver occasionally, but I've given up on that now. They have delivered to my place maybe 10 times, but every single time I have to explain the address to them and give directions (in Chinese) and it still turns up late and cold because they have not found the address. This also means I have to pay for a cab even though it's a 5 minute bike ride MAX. I suggest not having a delivery service if you can't work out where a regular customer lives.

    I don't mind the food - it's all pretty bland, but serving sizes are ok and sometimes bland is good when you're a bit sick of having chilli/oil all over everything.

    Don't think I'll be going back for a while!
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