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Pizza Mandolino

10 Tongzilin Bei Lu 2F, Chengdu

Phone: (028) 85562555

Restaurant and wine bar with meter pizza and live music.

RUNNER UP - "Best Pizza" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2012

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  • compressor
    April 15, 2013
    It's now owned by a local woman, the Italian chef isn't there anymore...
  • alterego
    April 14, 2013
    i gratuitously give them one star because of the brick oven which did result in a decent pizza crust - however the sauce was off so i didn't eat much. Unfortunately the pasta was horrible so i ended up paying my bill and leaving hungry.

    there is no way that this is owned by an self-respecting italian i have ever met would serve such dreck. If the food wasn't a dead give-away, then certainly the gaudy over-the-top decor should tip you off. oh yeah, let's by no means leave out the whole fake mandolino story/schtick on the menu, hahaha. I was almost offended by their hubris: do you really believe people are THAT stupid?
  • andiliciouz
    April 7, 2013
    Food?Stick wi pizza, pasta, they supposedly have a Italian chef who supervises the staff, but biz is definitely owned by Chinese

    Drink? stick with water or and soft drinks that's more predictable

    Service is ok, they are trying but to be fair, its a diff food culture, most of them had never tasted any of their products on menu, some staff are just lost

    Would I go back? maybe, only for pizza or pasta

    Price on high side
  • tellitlikeitis
    September 8, 2012
    Only been there once, and it's a little expensive, but their pizza is the best I've had in my more than two years in Chengdu. It's real pizza, made in a real wood-fired oven. In my opinion, no other pizza in Chengdu even comes close. Really makes me wish they delivered. While there also tried the baked cod, which was also quite good, and the bruschetta, also good. And buying beers by the "yard" is fun, too. I will definitely be back. If you go, be sure to try the pizza. The rest of the menu is a little expensive, good place for a date, though...
  • Marky
    June 10, 2012
  • Furrr239
    June 5, 2012
    Much better than it was but still overpriced and average altogether
  • chinatraveller2012
    April 24, 2012
    I just went to this restaurant and I liked it quite a lot.

    We tried the pizza and the pasta and both are great, tasty and exactly as they are in Italy (I am Italian, so trust me on this).
    The decor is very nice.

    I have read the previous reviews and not sure about the various complaints.

    The key points are that the kitchen is very clean (try to beat that in China), the food appears to be safe (another great thing for us living in China). The prices are reasonable.

    I will def go back again to try more of the menu.
  • mosesknows
    February 16, 2012
    I wrote a review for Pizza Mandolino but it was removed...not quite sure why. My husband and I are new to Chengdu, after living in Beijing for years. We ordered the eggplant pizza which I do agree was delicious. However, the salad and pasta was horrible! The Caesar salad had chunks of poorly cooked ham and oily croutons. I would have to disagree with others about the atomsphere. It is cheesy and more like a Chinese tea house complete with barking locals! The service was unforgiveable! A ridiculous amount of staff, seemingly on break, were chain-smoking and playing computer games. The wine list was only for print not for actual consumption as they only had one by the glass for 68 rmb. Overall, the experience was depressing! With two Italians "running" the place, but clearly Chinese owned based on the ambience and the inability to give decent service, we will not be going back. We did have high hopes for the place as the ovens are nice.
  • CatPlatt
    February 10, 2012
    I decided to try Pizza Mandolino because, although some people have had bad experiences, it has also had some good reviews, so I thought I should see for myself. But I am sad to say I have to agree with the poor reviews: the food is very disappointing.

    I went there for lunch with a friend, so they were not busy and the service was reasonable. On the plus side, the ambience and decor are very pleasant, the pizza ovens are attractive, the seating is comfortable. You can even catch a glimpse of the kitchen, which looks spacious and sparkling clean, surely a good sign.

    There were two Italian men there, whether chefs or owners I am not sure, but neither of them so much as looked in our direction, which I thought was a missed opportunity on their part, not to try and build their customer base and get to know potential repeat guests. When Peter Pan first opened the staff were super-friendly to everyone who went along and Claudio still makes everyone feel welcome and makes a point of recommending dishes etc.

    My friend wanted to order a bottle of wine, but the first 4 or 5 bottles on the wine list that he asked for were not available! He ended up ordering a more expensive wine, but said that they should have offered a discount under the circumstances. The main problem with this place is that the food does not live up to the environment. The bread was good, the pizza was not bad, but the soups (we tried one beef and one bean soup) were mediocre, the salad was plain and boring and the fried Naples starters were greasy and unappetising.

    A restaurant that has put this much effort into decor and environment should try to match it with the quality of their food, especially if they have two Italians in charge! The food at the very plainly decorated Abluza behind Carrefour is way better, in my opinion.

    I would go here for pizza if you live right next door and it's raining too hard to go any further. Otherwise I wouldn't bother.
  • berlydallas
    February 5, 2012
    I went twice and brought my family back the second time because I wanted their opinion and other people said it was good.

    The first time I went with 3 girlfriends and it was a horrible experience. First, they didn't have any of the wine we wanted. Then our margarita pizza was too doughy and had shrivelled up basil on top. Lastly it took at least 5 times to ask where our fourth entree was and it showed up about an hour after we first started enquiring about it.

    I went back with my family and the experience was only slightly better. I do think the only care about local customers. The place was filled with locals both times we ate there. And if you don't like smokey restaurants I would avoid this one.

    The bruschetta was decent and the pizza was better, but still on the bready side. I ordered the Parma ham pizza with rocket. It did not have rocket so I asked the manager for a discount and he told me they haven't had rocket for a long time. He eventually agreed to give us one juice free.

    It is also quite expensive which would be completely fine if they had better food and friendlier service. I won't be giving it a third try.
  • misubi
    February 4, 2012
    Went the other day excited to check out the new possible best pizza option in Chengdu.

    The prices are high here get that straight. A salad and a pizza cost me 100 yuan. The pizza itself was nice. I ordered a plain Margarita pizza to just taste their basics. The sauce is the best in Chengdu, and tastes Italian versus American Italian. Tangy and minimalists. Cheese was very good. Crust was a bit too much on the doughy side for me, especially around the edges leaving me with huge pillows of dough that was not crunchy enough to enjoy by itself. Some people will probably really like their pizzas. I prefer La Sud's still.

    I ordered a smoked salmon salad which was bad. It really isn't that hard to make this kind of salad. I can do it at home. But instead I got smoked salmon slices atop over salted oily lettuce and surrounded by shaved carrots. It was made by someone with little idea of what a salad should be.

    The other menu items looked really interesting but were also really expensive...

    Service was fine. Waitresses were attentive and congenial.
  • saosao
    February 4, 2012
    See, I agree about the pizza being nice but the rest of the above review does not match my experience at all.

    The menu was confusing, with no mention of bread on it anywhere. The wine menu was disappointing as they didn't seem to have half of the wines listed in stock. We ordered 3 salads, 4 mains (3 pizza, 1 pasta).

    My caesar salad was pretty awful to be honest, greasy bacon thrown on top of huge lettuce leaves with a few rock-hard, oily, over-large croutons. The other two salads were equally poor.

    The mains were better and I enjoyed my pizza, but my poor friend had to wait almost an hour for her pasta dish. We asked 6 times where it was, two different waitresses told us it was coming. Then we asked the manager who said they had forgotten to make it - did we still want it as they were very busy! The implication was we should forget about it, and indeed we did consider it as the rest of us had all finished our mains by this time, but our friend had not eaten so we asked them to bring it quickly and it came 12 minutes later.

    I would go again to order the pizza (cos it's on the street where I live so very convenient) but would be very wary about ordering anything else on the menu. Also I would not go if I was in a hurry as the service really was not good, and if I did go I would make them repeat my order back to me.
  • iraglassismyhero
    January 30, 2012
    Just went there for lunch yesterday. I have no idea what's up with the sudden influx of Italian restaurants (Casa Mosaico, A Boluza, Grappa's, new Peter Pan...) but this one is a welcome addition. I had absolutely no expectations going in except what a friend told me, "the bread is amazing".

    When you come up the stairs, you're greeted by giant, curved brick pizza ovens. The dining room is spacious with lots of light and I think I'd like the decor a lot more if there were no Christmas decorations competing. Overall, it's modern and colorful: lots of mosaic tile (none to be found in the aforementioned Casa Mosaico; go figure) and plates on the walls, comfortable seating, dark woods.

    We ordered a pizza Margherita and lasagne. Both were delicious and fresh, with the one small problem that the tomato sauce for both was a bit sour for my taste. Could probably use a few more hours simmering or more garlic, pinch of sugar, other spices, not sure.

    The pizza doesn't have thick crust by any stretch, but it is pizza you can sink your teeth into. It had fresh mozzarella and basil on it; not too much, just enough. The small 11-inch pizza is plenty for two people if you order a salad or something else to share. They also have half-meter and whole meter (!) pizzas, long like a sub sandwich, not round, which sounded incredibly huge, hence our order of a small.

    The generous portion of lasagne had pulled beef instead of ground beef as the menu stated, but it did not skimp on the ricotta, and the beef was tender and juicy, so although an unexpected texture, it was well worth splurging 60 kuai.

    The 11-inch pizzas range from around 40 yuan to 80, I think, all under 100 and worth it. The larger pizzas are all quite pricey, but could probably feed a small army, so also reasonable.

    The other items on the menu—antipasti, salads, soups, other pastas—if memory serves were all somewhere within the 20-something to just under 100 range. The mains were all over 100.

    Since we were there for lunch, I didn't pay much attention to the wine list, but it looked extensive.

    I asked about the 'amazing bread' and was delighted to be given a heaping plateful "to try". My friend was right, the bread is GREAT. You actually need teeth for this one and eating it is quite a noisy affair, woohoo! I introduced myself to the owner, who said he's from Napoli, and his business partner is from Tibet. No word on yak pizza yet, but I'm hoping...anyway, I told him that he should definitely sell the bread a la carte to take home, and was delighted when he showed up at our table moments later with an entire loaf on the house! We loved it today straight up with olive oil and dipping spices, but I'm sure it'd be good just about any way you slice it.

    All in all, a very nice experience: taste! price! ambience! customer service! We'll definitely be back.
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