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Prince Kitchen

6 Daye Lu, Fortune City 5F, Chengdu

Phone: (028) 86700922

Fine dinning restaurant with extensive menu covering steaks, fish, seafood and other delicacies of Chinese cuisine.

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  • WoogiEnglish
    June 12, 2014
    Good food but pricy. The beef from their wood-fired ovens is great, nicely marinated, always perfectly cooked but you pay for it.

    They rebuild the restaurant about half a year ago and you can't sit next to the kitchen anymore where cooks would prepare the dishes right in front of you (behind a glass wall) and you could see the juicy steaks going in the wood-fired oven.

    Their sashimi was average. Small portions, above average price. Not worth it ; I'd recommend to get a good piece of salmon yourself at the seafood market(s) and slice and eat that at home yourself...
  • invisible
    June 12, 2014
    The changed the chef, killed the Cantonese menu item including dim sum and pretty much every single one of our favorite dishes even Sichuanese. I don't know why I should go back there.
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