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150 Kehuazhonglu 301 Jinyinhui 3F, Chengdu

Phone: (028) 67638282

Asian shisha lounge serves middle Eastern food by Dubai chefs.

RUNNER UP - "Best Newcomer" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2012

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  • ChengduTiramisu
    January 11, 2015
    This is possible one of the worse places I have been in China. The service was absolutely shocking. A group of friends and I went one Evening around 8.30, there was 5 of us. When we arrived we had good expectations, but these were soon to be dashed.

    General, the actual decor and atmosphere is nice, but this is where it stopped. On arrival we order drinks, unfortunately we were miss lead that there was by one get one of daught beer on a Saturday by Hello Chengdu which later on I have found their information that they publish every week is severally out of date. Safari were good enough to honor the offer and supplemented it with a local beer, which we were initially pleased about. However, this was shorted lived, as after two bottles of beer, they mysterious ran out of beer, by 9pm on a Saturday night? Really? We also order wine, Which never came, even after repeatedly ordering and reminding the staff. So we went without wine.

    We continued to order food. This became a bit of a nightmare. Living in China for 2 years now, I'm fully aware that even in western restaurants, the food doesn't come out at the same time, but here,it actually took the mick, to put it politely. Each plate of food, came out within enough time for each person to finish their own food while awkwardly being watch by the rest of the table. This fun game was repeated by each of us with the exception of the humus and french fries which did not appear at all. After reminding the wait staff that we had order this items we were eventually told that the Kitchen was now close, despite the fact that we had ordered the food about an hour earlier.

    To top it all off nicely, we had the dispute over the bill for food that had not appeared at all, and random items that we had never ordered.

    All in all, I will never be visiting Safari again.
    Want Middle eastern food? Visit The Sultan, don't waste your time at Safari!
  • pookey
    February 27, 2014
    For those who haven't been to Safari for over a year or longer, there is a really wide selection of dishes here now and my wife really loves the briyani (she's Indian- and always pooh poohs the Indian food in Chengdu). We were there the other night and had a great sheesha session (lemon and cardamon), the babaganoush dip was lovely and good news for those who don't want to eat meat, there's plenty of vegetarian options.

    I know that service in China as a rule is generally pretty awful, but the floor manager (who was Chinese) knew the menu and ingredients inside out, and was very helpful and friendly to us. I've read a few other reviews on this thread complaining about the service, but all i can say is that they must have been unlucky.

    The only problem is that it's all a bit pricey, but IMO it's worth it.
  • caniwi131
    February 24, 2014
    awesome place. amazing food, great atmosphere and the best Shisha I ever had. the prices are very reasonable too. will defiantly go again and I suggest that if you haven't been to give it a look, you wont be disappointed!
  • Mikey T
    February 17, 2014
    This place opened with some promise I was told. However it is just silly! Sleeping servers, no lights on and a completely incompetent, untrained staff. I am not halal, but inquired about the meat only to given a blank stare. The owner was not on site, it was a Friday night. I have lived in dubai and know the work ethic of the real locals...don't move a finger, let your staff, in this case lousy staff, do everything or nothing. We only stayed for a beer and an appetizer. Not good. With lack of options in the city please improve.
  • Evelynye
    September 22, 2013
    I have my birthday there coz Im Hard like that, I love safari, great food and great people, we like to eat and drink and play carrom, we dance with the sexy ladies on fridays with SALSA, boom boom, they have a massive space for a good dance and have mics if you want to battle snoop dogg, either way this is the place I STAY,
  • mariatenn
    May 30, 2013
    Safari is my favorite hang-out place in Chengdu. It offers some of the best Middle Eastern food I've had, along with excellent cocktails, a delicious selection of international wines and a large variety of Shisha flavours. The owners are extremely welcoming and take care of each of their customers like they are good friends.

    Coming there feels a bit like coming home - with a large space, Safari never feels too crowded yet gives you and your friends or family the ideal combination of restaurant, bar and shisha bar. One room contains the bar and several well-decorated tables and another is filled with gorgeous, Middle-Eastern couches to relax at. They offer magazines and books for those who want to take it easy, along with free Wifi for customers.

    Speaking of decorations - the place looks amazing!

    I recently attended a wedding after-party at Safari and I must say, it was one of the best I've attended. The waiters were very friendly and the service was great while the food and drinks were right on point. They organized a belly dancer for entertainment which enhanced the positive vibe even more.

    All in all, I can only recommend Safari to anyone who enjoys having a good time, eating absolutely delicious food, drinks and Shisha.

    Big ups, Audrey & Sam!!! Safari is definitely worth a rating of 5 stars!
  • whatnot
    October 3, 2012
    Having read the wonderful 5 star reviews of this place I went with hopes of being able to verify why others gave this joint 5 stars. i cannot write a 5 star review about Safari so I will write my experience and leave off any stars. We went at lunch time on a Wednesday. The place was empty. We ordered appetizers. Drinks? I'll have ice lemon tea. Sorry, no have. The soda with rose syrup was wonderful. Appetizers came. Why do places like this combine local food and still call it foreign? Eggplant with chili using the same chili relish type of sauce found in local places. Hummus, ok but still nothing to write home about. The yogurt with cucumber and garlic. I hate runny yogurt because it hasn't been given time to set. Safari has runny yogurt. Falafel balls were tasty, no problem there. Ordered up my main dish. I ordered spicy chicken and a side of roast potatoes. My friend ordered the moussaka. His came. Why is it cold? Why does it taste like bad spaghetti bolognaise? The potatoes come. Er, its no different from the potatoes on the street rolled in la jiao. What's going on here? The waitress returns, sorry no spicy chicken. maybe you can try the fasolya. Ok, I'll have that. She returns, sorry no fasolya, maybe you can try... at this point my anger flashed. And where is the owner? Oh he comes later. Maybe true maybe not, who can you believe? Who can say for sure in this unpredictable place. 5 stars? That will be the day.
  • SadeqAmeenAbed
    September 28, 2012
    Sam is what makes Safari so special..never Have I met a restaurant owner who is so engaging with his customers...the food is really good and all the dips and side dishes I tried were sooo much better than any I had in china, and the hookah is brilliant so basically it is a restaurant that you just have to go to and Sam is a person you have to meet
  • Bertalan Farkas
    September 21, 2012
    Just want to say a bit thanks to Sam and Audrey for letting us take over the place for our after wedding party. They made the day extra special for us. The food you put out was great and the attention to detail fantastic. We had such as great time we drank all the wheat beer!
    We will be back!
  • Ricos
    September 3, 2012
    When i went there (2 weeks ago) there was still no menu and you could only order a set menu. However the set menu was really nice and we all got stuffed. The owner told us that the menu would be finished later that week, can't wait to get back and try some more dishes.

    They had a good selection of drinks for reasonable prices. The layout and decoration of the restaurant is great, one of the best ones in Chengdu. Im impressed!

    The service was ok, some of the waiters seemed to be a little bit nervous but did a good job. The manager, the owner and the chefs were all really friendly.
  • cbird
    August 30, 2012
    its a really clean,relaxing,well-decorated middle east food reaustrant. tried their food, its authentic, they use lots of import ingredients, even their rice is Packistan-Imported rice. its definitely taste better than other normal rice. their services are good, all the staff are smilling. hope thy continue do like this way all the time.
  • Funty
    August 16, 2012
    4.5 Stars would be more accurate because at present they only offer a set meal, which is delicious and well priced, but a menu is needed once customers find out what they like. The ambiance is quite nice and could become a spot for a quiet drink with the outside area.
  • Punkyjane
    August 15, 2012
    Great addition to the city. Nice ambience and good hummus.
  • Miss Mixit
    August 1, 2012
    I was overjoyed when my good friends Sam and Audry told me they were opening a new middle Eastern restaurant close to Hang Kong Lu, so I rushed down eager to taste the humus and dips (my fav part). I wasn't disappointed. The humus was really creamy, and the bread was home baked. I tried the chicken and rice, plus some stuffed peppers that were nicely spiced with cumin. Also, they had some wonderful spicy soups to try. The set meal is 69 rmb as an opening offer, but well worth the money.
    Nice shisha too, plus the decor is very relaxing and airy. I'm sure I will be a regular, especially because they will be selling kombucha....yippee.
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