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Vegetarian Lifestyle

4/F Platinium City Building 2, 27 Qinglong Jie, Chengdu

Phone: (028) 86282848

Taiwanese chain with a policy of no smoking, no alcohol, no egg, no meat and no MSG. Plenty of imitation-meat dishes served in small portions. Chinese, English and Japanese menu offers selections from China's major cuisines.

RUNNER UP - "Best Chinese Restaurant" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2012

RUNNER UP - "Best Chinese Restaurant" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2011

WINNER - "Best Chinese Restaurant" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2010

RUNNER UP - "Best Chinese Restaurant" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2009

WINNER - "Best Chinese Restaurant" - CHENGDOO citylife Magazine Annual Readers' Poll 2007

  • Renata
    January 2, 2013
    The food is super delicious especially this "rib styled" dish (I think it was a lotus root covered in vegetarian meat and thick brown sticky sauce).
    The service was a little poor, because they didn't really pay too much of attention...But when they did, they were really nice.

    In comparison with "regular" chinese restaurants here in Chengdu it's quite pricy, but I guess it's worth trying!

    The menu has pictures so you can just point at whatever looks appealing to you!
  • misubi
    September 22, 2011
    This is my favorite restaurant in Chengdu and I'm not even a vegetarian. The food is delicious, light, and healthy. No immense slicks of recycled red oil poured questionable meat or dirty river fish here. Sichuanese and non-Sichuanese dishes are available. You can tell they take their time designing the dishes for both taste and presentation. Service is generally excellent and attentive. They pour you corn tea and then give you a small fruit plate to cleanse your palate. At the end of the meal they even give you 发票 without asking!

    Of the negatives I can say the portions are a bit small, and the prices comparable to eating a meat meal but it's well worth it.
  • hapatofu
    June 20, 2011
    Excellent service and ambiance. The food is good, but the prices keep going up, so expect to pay 50 to 60 per head if you're ordering modestly and in a large group — more if you're splurging or with fewer people. Portions are on the small side but well presented. I'd recommend going with a group of 8 to 20 so that you can get a private room (call ahead to reserve, no extra charge) and order lots of different dishes. To my knowledge, Veggie Lifestyle was one of the earliest private vegetarian restaurants to arrive in Chengdu (I first noticed it in 2006), and, after trying most of the vegetarian restaurants that have arrived since (and including the older temple restaurants), my vote still goes to Vegetarian Lifestyle for a nice dinner out. (If you're just looking for something quick and inexpensive, though, I'd go for Daci Temple or the southwest Lotus on the Water.)
  • Marky
    June 19, 2011
  • olivias
    March 12, 2010
    Great place to take your smoking, drinking, gambling friends when you want a break from it all.
    Excellent food although am not a big fan of real or fake meat. Plenty of non-fake meat options too.
    There is some kind of rewards points system and if it is your bday, you may score a pressie.
    It's a special occasion kind of place rather than a lifestyle.
  • invisible
    March 8, 2010
    It is indeed a bit expensive at least RMB 35 without getting reallying stuffed. Portions are small. But I feel the menu changed, a lot of their "signature dishes" disappeared and I really dislike the meat imitations, which reminds me of the articialness of MacDonald's. Then again since it's a vegan restaurant and their veggie dishes don't convince me, they all taste blend, without direction without leaving a lasting impression. Two points for the ambience and interior, which is really nice, especially if you reserve a room.
  • 核桃
    February 19, 2010
    A little expensive--lunch for two came to almost 80 kuai--but the food here is creative and well-executed. The menu is big so I can't see myself getting tired of this place anytime in the near future. And the south-facing windows on the fourth floor make it a pleasant location for sitting for extended periods of time. Also, they serve corn tea.
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