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Vin Restaurant

89 Shengxing Street Bldg 10, Chengdu

Phone: 86162212

Western restaurant with big wine cellar.

  • Amour
    October 8, 2013
    It's kind of sad that Vin does't get any reviews, for the past two years it existed. It is a beautiful restaurant/wine cellar. When we went there during the big national holiday, we were the only table during dinner time. I had a salad, a tuna tartare and a fish main course. The salad was very well mixed in light dressing, so the flavor covered every leafy and wasn't dripping liquid. The tuna tartare with avocado was very small portion but nicely flavored and presented. My fish was well seasoned and cooked perfectly, served with delicious tomatoes. After-dinner espresso was hot and creamy. Food wise, I don't have any complaint, and I am very happy that I have tried something new.

    The reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is that the service does not match with the 15% service charge I paid. The server was nice but he did have bad breath. He also gave me the wrong information about what's on the menu that was not available that night.

    The restaurant is expensive, especially if you get a bottle of wine and have a few courses. (We averaged 600 yuan/person) But, it's not really a close by neighborhood restaurant. I think it's worth checking it out, if you have a special occasion or romantic dinner plan.
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