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  • your mother
    September 6, 2014

    Beer Nest II Bar & Kitchen

    I tried several of the locally made beers the other day, I thought they were all great. The styles are a little different than what you'd get in the states, but its still great beer!
  • invisible
    September 5, 2014

    Qingyang Temple

    From a pure architectural point of view probably the temples most worth visiting in Chengdu. I really like the reconstruction work of the roofs with good eye for detail and and to top it the little figurines. Historically it's worth a look if you were under the impression that Taoism is a peace-loving ideology - almost every statue carries a sword and as such also a reference point for local martial arts.

    There is a teahouse which offers vegetarian lunch but with a C rating in hygiene I wouldnt be all that tempted. There are more teahouses in the bigger and adjacent Wenhua Park which is free to visit.

    All in all worth the 10 kuai entrance, and wouldn't mind to come back
  • invisible
    September 1, 2014

    Chengdu East Music Park

    You can't enter with a bike (unless you're faster than the guard:) and the only bike parking is well hidden at one of the South gates in that little back alley. Annoyed.
  • andrewP
    August 22, 2014

    Aurora International Aesthetic and Dental Implant Center (AIADI)

    Really nice place. Very modern. English spoken. I had a cleaning done and one cavity filled (painlessly) for much cheaper than I would have paid in the US. Cleaning w/x-rays 190RMB, cavity 450RMB. Highly recommend for anyone in need of dental work or even just a check up.
  • Funty
    August 17, 2014

    Beer Nest II Bar & Kitchen

    Went to the 2 for one deal on opening night ordered a fruit beer, followed by an Chengdu Craft IPA and finally a Vedett brand beer. The fruit beer had ice in it and as a result was pretty much tasteless, the IPA was (very) off and the Vedett was pissy but passable but far from the Vedett I've tried in the past. I've only been to a 'beer nest' this once and I'm willing to believe it was just a bad night but if this is the normal standard I shan't be coming back.
  • the_fat_Corsican
    July 18, 2014

    Mike's Pizza Kitchen

    About me: Before graduating from college and entering into the software industry I was a chef, trained in Paris/Corsica. I have attended/trained at some of the finest culinary schools in Europe, albeit part time. My family's restaurant in Calvi, Corsica, holds a Michelin star. I used to spend every summer there during the tourist season, and I know what it takes to meet the highest standards of food and service, so when it comes to judging food I think I'm fairly well qualified.

    About Mike's Pizza Kitchen: (the food) I went to Mike's today for a Pinnochio and it was better than any pizza I've had anywhere... ever... in my life. The generous amounts of Mariana sauce contained so much flavour, I dared waste any, I had to use the crust of my pizza to mop it up. The vegetables were fresh, the moz was great and the crust was a totally perfect balance between crisp and moist. Mike and Aiqing obviously have an excellent understanding of gastronomy and care a heck of a lot more about their product and their customers than any other dining establishment I've visted in this city so far

    Mike and Aiqing clearly take incredible care during the entire sourcing of ingredeients, preparation and cooking process. I have visited some of the best Pizzerias in Italy and France where they charge a lot more money and don't have the challenge of sourcing fresh ingredients (some of which must be very hard to find in China).

    The resulting pies are inferior to Mike and Aiqing's.

    (the service) Prompt, quick, friendly, unlike any other restaurant in Chengdu. I must say there are some reviews here by some rather cretinous individuals who clearly don't know, care or understand what good food/good service is all about. If you want to wait an hour for half cooked, dirty, microwaved frozen shite thrown on to your table by staff who couldn't give a shit and pay a lot more for it, do me a favour, stop hogging the few tables here and go somewhere else.
  • mingaling
    July 6, 2014

    A Boluza

    This place is one of my favourite restaurants in Chengdu.

    We've been to A Boluza several times and we usually go there during lunchtimes. They have a set lunch menu for only 50 rmb per person. Although there's not much to choose from the menu, its still, in my opinion, a great value. If you're ordering off the a la carte menu then your bill maybe a little pricey.

    The pizzas at A Boluza are always wonderful and the steak I once ordered was cooked to perfection.

    Fantastic service and food!
  • mingaling
    July 6, 2014

    The Sultan Turkish & Middle Eastern Restaurant (Halal)

    After reading great comments about this place, we decided to check it out ourselves.

    The restaurant is beautifully decorated with pastel blue and white coloured walls. When we arrived, one of the staff greeted us with a smile and promptly brought us to our table with the menu.

    We had to wait a while for our food, however it was a pleasant change from the rushed service we usually get from Chinese restaurants.

    The food was spectacular, the hummus was great and the kebabs were delicious!

    I would suggest bigger portions or a complimentary side dish.
  • Duoduo Mum
    June 17, 2014

    The Sultan Turkish & Middle Eastern Restaurant (Halal)

    I ve been to the Old Sultan like 3 years ago. Twice with my friends and collegues. But the first time i went to the New location at May this year, its really suprised me, the blue and white decoration, i mean come on, it totally different restaurants than before. More Midtterrean tasty, makes people feel so fresh. The food on the menu changed a lot, but the core taste still kept in. All the dips are so tasty, since i m not meat eater, i choose more salad and dips instead. All the Turckish NANN are really not like bread, i can tell if its not cooked so fresh can not be this awsome tastes. Anyhow, i m really enjoyed in this place with a Shisha some small dish sitting outside couch. The new Sultan definitely a great place to enjoy your life.
  • Willk
    June 17, 2014

    Mike's Pizza Kitchen

    The best pizza in Chengdu in my opinion. A little pricey, but considering it's all fresh produce it makes for an excellent treat. The stuffed crust is on another planet, as is the Mad Buffalo. So, so good. The pizza sauce they use has a great flavour and the mozzarella is always delicious..these pies have saved countless hangovers for me. Service has always been good in my experience, my only gripe is that I wish they delivered further. For those complaining about 'verbal abuse' and 'drama', I have never been witness to any, but even so, Mike's is essentially an open kitchen - those of you who may have worked in kitchens will know that largely, they are breeding grounds for various levels of shouting and profanity. Who really cares. If you were going to a haute cuisine gourmet restaurant, then fair enough, but otherwise all of the faux-outrage can be spared. You're in a small family-owned place in China eating pizza. Damn good pizza. Although Mike, c'mon baby, give us a smile!
  • shambolic2000
    June 13, 2014

    Aurora International Aesthetic and Dental Implant Center (AIADI)

    I went to Aurora Dental today in sever pain from a wayward wisdom tooth. I noted the fantastic layout and design and hoped the service would match the expectations it raised.

    I'm happy to say all the staff there were excellent. While I was waiting for the dentist(and emergency appt booked less than an hour earlier-also great) one of the staff offered me a choice of tea, asked me if I was hungry and generally gave top class customer service. The registration process was simple and hassle free, and I didn't have to wait long to see a dentist.

    The Chinese dentist, I forget her name, spoke enough English to communicate with me about my problem, and treated me gently and calmly, factoring in my agitated state.

    For an X-ray it cost 100, the cleaning and examination part cost another 100. I think it was more than reasonable considering the standard of care I received was better than what I would have received in London.

    I may have to go back to remove my wisdom teeth, something I"m not looking forward to, but if I have to go to anyone I'd definitely feel comfortable going to them.

    It's in the shopping mall across from the Yanlord shopping mall, near Tianfu Square, on the 6th floor. The lifts are a bit weird, you have to select a floor then the machine tells you which lift to take(there are no buttons inside).
  • WoogiEnglish
    June 12, 2014


    I had a chance to taste their panini, pizza (parma), merengue and 2 belgian beers.

    The pizza is highly recommended. Good taste, structure, very decent prosciutto and not just 3 small pieces.

    I found the sandwich/panini (ham * cheese) spicy and tasty but perhaps it could be baked just a minute longer to make the dough a bit more "crunchy". However it will taste better than 99% of the paninis you can find elsewhere in Chengdu.

    The special belgian 'cherry' beer (in a red wrapper) was not cheap (75 RMB) but a great drink ; I didn't find that anywhere else in Chengdu in a (normal) restaurant.

    The interior is nice, relaxed, a good place to hang out with some friends and have a good evening unlike many chinese restaurants where you basically want to leave after you finished your last sip or bite.
  • WoogiEnglish
    June 12, 2014

    Prince Kitchen

    Good food but pricy. The beef from their wood-fired ovens is great, nicely marinated, always perfectly cooked but you pay for it.

    They rebuild the restaurant about half a year ago and you can't sit next to the kitchen anymore where cooks would prepare the dishes right in front of you (behind a glass wall) and you could see the juicy steaks going in the wood-fired oven.

    Their sashimi was average. Small portions, above average price. Not worth it ; I'd recommend to get a good piece of salmon yourself at the seafood market(s) and slice and eat that at home yourself...
  • WoogiEnglish
    June 12, 2014

    Mike's Pizza Kitchen

    Ah I just wrote a long review, only to find a small mistake, posted a correction, to learn that it overwrite my long beautiful review.

    So here we go again:

    Pizzas and sandwiches are good. Simple. Good. Nobody can complain about that.

    The service is good. I heard Mike use a raised voice to pass requests to the kitchen behind him, which is noise due to the fans and music, and that's it. No soap-opera events like you might have read below. Don't let this abstain you from visiting this small but quality place.

    The sandwich was big, fresh baked bread, filled with a LOT of ingredients that all tasted good and in place.

    The pizza is good as well, hot, fresh, good ingredients. Both the thin crust and the stuffed one. I prefer the stuffed one but that one can be pretty big so unless you are a big eater ; have a friend to join you.

    I like this honest place and won't ask for a fa piao ; I'll do that at places that have owners sitting in the back smoking while the staff is working their ass for a low pay. Mike is (still) making YOUR pizzas himself which is pretty nice considering how 'bosses' normally operate in China.

    The (import) belgian beer tastes good and is another reason for me to go there. They don't deliver to my place so I have to come in person and I sometimes found the place filled with people, having to resort to another restaurant to satisfy my culinary needs. So if you want to go there ; be on time. In the weekends better be there before 18:00 if you want to have a seat. With 2 people it's easier, with 4 it can be a hassle. You are warned ! If you're really smart you can call them and ask how many peeps are inside and then quickly jump in a taxi :)

    If you like Pizza in general and aren't a picky customer then Mike's place is highly recommended.

    If you like (China's) Pizza Hut's pizza then stay away ; Mike's pizzas will be out of your league.
  • invisible
    June 12, 2014

    Prince Kitchen

    The changed the chef, killed the Cantonese menu item including dim sum and pretty much every single one of our favorite dishes even Sichuanese. I don't know why I should go back there.
  • Jellyfish - Amir
    June 10, 2014

    The Spot

    @ Dr. Gonzo
    We regret to see you were disappointed with your experience yesterday at The Spot. We always aspire to give nothing but the best food, drinks and service.
    Unfortunatly, it is not that easy and sometimes it comes out less than we hope for.
    Yesterday was burgers night (1+1) so the kitchen was bussier than we expected, and therefor we had some problems in operation. However, excuses aside, we take criticism seriously and use it for self improvement.
    As you said, you were mostly happy with your prior visits, and I hope you will come again for a correcting experience :)
  • Dr. Gonzo
    June 10, 2014

    The Spot

    I've been to the Spot both before and after the renovation and loved it to no end. Awesome food, awesome service... except last night. Service was good but I noticed a few changes. First was after ordering the blue & blue, my favorite burger there by far, it had one blue, but not the other. There was no blueberry sauce and we had to ask for it on the side. OK... anyways, the burger used to be on nice, fresh bread but last night the bread was dry, stale and falling apart, like those day old sesame buns from Costco. Next, usually the fries come with ketchup and sweet and sour mayo, but only ketchup last night. Finally, the fries had always been small portions but huge fries, last night was small portion, small fries. Also, a small thing but no flags on top of the burgers anymore to tell you which is which.

    What I'm trying to say is you guys are awesome, but after winning best burger in Chengdu, you guys need to stay on top of your game. Hope the quality doesn't keep going downhill because this place really WAS the best burger in town.
  • pp99p
    June 3, 2014

    Florie & Ricky French Salon

    Thumbs up for this amazing and genuine french salon.
    From the moment you step in you feel pampered. Florie and Ricky really know how to take good care of you!

    I am a regular customer and I became a big fan of Florie's care products and waxes. She uses top french brands does an excellent job, and still manages to keep prices at a normal level!

    I've also had two appointments with Ricky for hair cut and color.
    I honestly believe he's gifted. You can completely rely on him in terms of hairstyle and haircolor. His advices and work on my hair earned me a lot of compliments!

    Two true professionals in a welcoming environment. You won't find a better beauty & hair salon in Chengdu!
  • thebehemoth
    May 25, 2014

    Mike's Pizza Kitchen

    This is a review of one of Mike's now-famous rants. Took place late last year. You guys who havent seen it may be expecting a kinda tongue-in-cheek, Joe Pesci in Goodfellas kinda schtick. Sorry, you may be disappoined . It's pretty much this: a solid-looking guy going nuts. Not an ounce of humour. As someone mentioned in another review, the customers looked uncomfortable as f**k. Keep in mind, he's yelling at staff who can't really retaliate. Yeah, humorous it aint (kinda like Dane Cook). Reminded me of those old 80's comedies where the douche bag, bigger frat boy terrifies the little nerds. But that's "bad ass" right? The pizza? Can't really remember. Decent, i think.
  • LA Redneck
    May 24, 2014

    Mike's Pizza Kitchen

    WOW! I knew Mike was an intelligent guy, but didn't know he was so eloquent! I'm thoroughly impressed! However, I have a serious complaint. No, it's not the tasty hot pizza, salads, sandwiches, staff, excellent delivery service, etc. No issues there, however, I just simply feel disenfranchised or totally left-out of all the "action" I've been reading about here.

    I've only been to Mike's store once and had a nice uneventful experience other than good food and service. I'm not a big pizza eater, but when I'm in the mood, I call Mike's for home delivery. It's always efficiently delivered on or before Aqing tells me. Herein lays my problem. I'm not catching any of Mike's shows that I've been reading about! Please help Mike!

    Perhaps you can create a video from CCTV/Security cam footage of all these alleged outbursts so the home delivery types like me could enjoy and be entertained by all the action from the comfort of my own home. You could even mix-in some of your past Elvis performances or Elvis music in the background. Call it "Mike Gone Wild", "Not Politically Correct Mike", "Mike in Your Face", or some other catchy title. Charge a nominal fee or even free or discounted for orders over 100RMB. You could even post on YouKu and it would go viral!

    I've been in China and Chengdu many years and one reason I stay here is the fact it has NOT deteriorated like the USA, Canada or some other Western countries where the politically correct types run rampant forcing their misguided ideology on the majority. Keep-up the good work Mike and please don't give a "fat rat's ass" about the few detractors out there!